Nine Self-Care Items Perfect for Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of year again to consider the perfect gift for the person who loves you with faults and all-your mother. Finding the right gift that will reflect your love and appreciation takes time and effort. You want to ensure that you will be able to present that unique and tasteful gift that will really touch her heart. As you contemplate the kind of gift that you want to present this year, here are some self-care items that every mother will appreciate and will certainly show her that you value all her efforts and sacrifices through the years.

Day Spa Subscription


Mothers are always catering to the needs of family and certainly deserve a break, even if it is only on Mother’s Day. A subscription to a spa is a great gift idea and will certainly make mom happy and will be a part of long-term memories. This is an ideal opportunity to get away from home for a day and have all her needs met for a change. After all she will be pampered from head to toe, which will leave her feeling love and appreciated. Other than spa, you can gift her with the present that she can bring with herself everywhere she goes. You can give the infrared sauna blanket. You can see this and similar products on MiHigh.

Essential Oils


Every woman, regardless of age wants to have lovely, soft skin. Essential oils are important items that every woman should have in her bathroom. Essential oils have therapeutic and restorative properties that will make you feel and smell wonderful. They are available in various sizes and a wide selection of scents and colors. Some popular essential oils include orange, peppermint, lavender and marjoram. A package of essential oils from ScripHessco is an excellent gift item for Mother’s Day.

Personal Care Products


We know that it is the love that really matters. Maybe you don’t have much money, but you really want to remind your mom of your love in a tangible way. Why not gather a few inexpensive items and decorate a basket which can be used to hold the items that you select? These items could include body wash, lotions, nail polish and make up. Of course, you would know your mother’s taste and would be aware of the items that she would enjoy and appreciate. Sometimes simple gifts have a greater impact because of the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into the selection or preparation of the gift.

Aromatic Candles


Candles are a lovely gift for any occasion. They not only give a sense of comfort and peace to the home environment, but they are available in fabulous shapes, colors and sizes. Candles are a perfect complement for any room, and they are easily accessible, affordable and versatile.

Electric Juice Mixer


Maintaining good health is an ongoing concern for persons in all age groups. Mothers expend a lot of energy daily and must ensure that her diet is adequate to meet her needs so that she can function effectively in all her roles. A juice mixer is a practical gift as this will help in the preparation of healthy meals such as fruit and vegetable juices and shakes which will help her to stay healthy and pay more attention to her diet.

Special Needs Package


If your mom needs special care and is unable to do her own shopping, then she will certainly appreciate the fact that you made a special effort to cater for her

needs. You want to show your love by making her feel safe and comfortable although she is no longer as active as she used to be. Personal care items such as special pillows, disposable wipes, wash cloths, disinfectants and pain gels would certainly come in handy for mothers who need assistance with personal care and will make life easier for her caregivers. A special needs package is a suitable gift for this purpose.

Exercise Machine


Whether or not your mom is a fitness buff, she still needs to maintain physical and mental health through exercise. An exercise machine is an excellent motivator which will provide encouragement to exercise regularly, which will help to maintain healthy bones and promote good health. It is also very convenient and safe because exercise will be done indoors so safety is guaranteed. Another advantage is that the machine can be used in all kinds of weather which will ensure that exercise is done more frequently.

Manicure and Pedicure Set


An active person is always using their hands and feet, sounds like our mothers who never sit still. If your mother is a do-it-yourself person, then getting her a manicure and pedicure set should make her day. With this gift, she will be able to pay more attention to her hands and feet. She can now pamper herself in the comfort of her home. She will also save money and learn a new skill.

Personalized Bath Towels


Towels always come in handy, and this is one item that can never be too many. So, what about moving away from the ordinary and ordering some personalized

bath towels as a gift for your mother? She would be thrilled to have a special set of towels just for her and in her favorite color with her name or other special words written on the towels.

Gift giving should not only be for specific occasions, especially for mothers who give sacrificial love all year round. However, since Mother’s Day is specially set aside to celebrate mothers, then every effort should be made to make mothers feel special at this time and to highlight that all they do is really appreciated.

The gift ideas for mothers are unlimited and you can be as creative as you like in your gift selection. You cannot go overboard in giving of gifts because Mom will always deserve more than she gets.