Why Motorlovers Choose Harley Davidson Shock Absorbers?

Every motorcycle enthusiast knows that moto shock absorbers significantly differ from automobile ones. The main difference lies in the fact that automobile shock absorbers and elastic elements are independent structural units, and on motorcycles, these elements are combined into one unit. Also, in motorcycles, this unit is called a shock absorber.

Whichever shock absorbers you choose for your motorcycle, they just have to do their job first. Today you drive to work in a big city with traffic jams, and tomorrow you will go to a picnic with friends, so the shock absorbers should provide excellent control and comfort in all operating modes. Many motorcycle enthusiasts and pro riders today choose the best shocks for Harley touring on yourmotobro.com. Let’s figure out why.

Harley Davidson Shock Absorbers Characteristics

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While riding, any vehicle, including a motorcycle, receives stress that is directly transmitted from the road surface through the wheels to the motorcycle frame. To make the motorcycle stable and control it more comfortably, many manufacturers started connecting wheels to the frame through elastic components that should absorb most of the vibrations and loads. However, the use of elastic components alone is not enough to achieve a perfect result and smooth ride. So, a bike equipped with only elastic components continues to swing for a long time, even falling into a small hole or bump. This depends on the fact that the vibration energy decays rather slowly. That is why, in combination with elastic components, shock absorbers are now necessarily used in the design of a motorcycle, which must effectively damp the resulting vibrations.

Over time, with the systematic development of the motorcycle industry, Harley Davidson has tried to get rid of rigid and candle structures. Instead, the bikes were equipped with a linkage rear suspension. The linkage system now consists of a large number of elements that cope with impacts and sharp jolts that occur when driving over a terrain more effectively. The main element of such a suspension is a swingarm, which is called a long arm. This lever is attached to the frame of the motorcycle via hinges and shock absorbers with springs.

Over the years, the developers of the Harley Davidson motorcycle have made many changes to the shock absorbers they currently provide. You should understand that quality parts increase the intervals between scheduled maintenance, as well as reduce costs and improve safety. Many motorcycle enthusiasts choose Harley absorbers because they are made of high-quality materials and are very durable. The shock absorbers are adjustable according to the driver’s height and equipped with a separating piston damper. Since they use pressurized gas and oil shock, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of air loss.

These shocks are designed for comfort, performance, and handling. They are vastly superior to standard shock absorbers and perform well even when driving on potholes. They are easy to install and simple to care for. The only problem with these shocks is that they are quite expensive. However, they will prove their efficiency in case you want to upgrade your bike.

Some of the Most Popular Questions Answered

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One of the factors affecting riding safety is the condition of the shock absorbers. But how to determine their serviceability, and what to be guided by when choosing these units? Let me help you with that.

When should you check shock absorbers?

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Mostly, the manufacturers of shock absorbers (including Harley Davidson) recommend checking them after every 3100-6500 miles. Unfortunately, many motorcycle owners do not know about this requirement, and if they do, they ignore this schedule since they have little idea of how riding on faulty shock absorbers can end up. The shock absorbers should be checked immediately if the motorcycle’s road behavior deteriorates.

How to check your shock absorbers?

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Apparently, shock absorbers should be checked on special vibration stands. There is also an “old-fashioned” method for determining the failure of shock absorbers: if you see fluid leaks, or they are wet, it means they are broken and require replacement. However, today this method is not always acceptable. Most motorcycles are fitted with gas/oil shock absorbers, which primarily drain gas from the system, so the assembly stays dry. If the throttle is released from one shock absorber, the motorcycle begins to roll slightly to the side. You can also apply the swing method. If the shock absorber is defective, the motorcycle will still swing after heaving. If it is OK, it stops immediately after one roll.

How long is the service life of these parts?

The shock absorbers can “go” 12-20 thousand miles, but Harley Davidson absorbers can manage more than 32 thousand miles easily.