How To Move Your Belongings To The University of Washington For College

by Mitov Mitrovski

Moving back to the University of Washington campus may look different for some students. Since classes let out early last spring, many of the establishments along the U-District have suffered without the students. Even with the classes starting back up, some of these businesses may not make it through to see the arrival of new Fall students.

Students come to the University of Washington from states all over the country. Why wouldn’t they? The university is ranked #3 among U.S. public universities.

How are you supposed to get all of your belongings to campus before your class start dates? Long-distance movers such as A1autotransport make the transition from home to campus easy, no matter how far they are apart. Belongings get to campus on-time and cost-efficiently.

Shipping Process


After acceptance to the university, you might be wondering how to get the things you need for class and living to the campus in Seattle. Professional moving companies all over the nation help college students handle moves like this every year.

You begin by looking at what you plan on taking with you. If you plan on renting an apartment around campus, you are likely to take more furniture than if you plan on living in campus housing. Knowing what you need to move will be a crucial part of the transport company’s quoting process.

It’s important not to “underestimate” or neglect the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic managed to ruin most of the logistics in 2020. Because of this, people will take a lot of precautions and virus-preventing measures when transferring your belongings. For example, there might be a few extra added layers of protection or hygiene. This means that things such as clothes may be required to be wrapped in a specific way to prevent any risks.

Those who are responsible for the logistics can never really know whose clothes they’re taking into their trucks, planes, or cargo vehicles. All we’re trying to say is that this can add some extra costs or time required for the entire procedure to be done.

Get Your Quote


Quotes for long-distance moves are primarily figured based on the weight of the shipment, the miles between destinations, labor, and any extras you may request. When you get in touch with a moving company for a quote, they will ask you about your shipment. Some even offer a virtual tour to help get an idea of the number of items being shipped.

Once you find the transport company that you want to use, you will begin scheduling your move with them. If you have additional requests, you will also make a plan at that time as well.

When it comes to choosing the right company, you should consider a few factors before finalizing your decision. Some companies will charge more, some will charge less, but that’s not the only thing that matters, although it’s very important.

For example, you can begin by comparing prices, but if you find out that most of them offer a very similar price, then you need to continue shortlisting by adding other additional factors. For example, which company has the best reputation, and which one of those companies will get the task complete in the safest and fastest way possible.

Other Services

Professional shipping companies that handle college moves offer other services that may be of interest to you during your move. If you have a car you want to be shipped to the University of Washington, you can ask them about the cost to ship a car with your belongings.

Maybe you aren’t interested in packing your own belongings for the move. Most professional companies offer some packing services that may help you out. These professionals are experts at packing belongings, and they bring their materials, so you don’t have to buy any additional.

Other things to note are these:


  • The importance of booking on time because college is starting soon and there will be a lot of people looking to transfer their belongings to campus.
  • Checking whether you can do this in a less expensive way. A few examples are combining the costs with some of your friends or colleagues if you live in the same area, and transferring all of the items in one go with only one vehicle, instead of paying separately for the service.
  • Price comparison because money is a very important resource in these difficult times. And, most importantly, ensuring that you trust the company that’s going to move your belongings to campus if you decide to hire a company for it. The belongings of a modern student include all sorts of gadgets and technology such as a laptop, a tablet, or anything else that’s fragile and costs a lot of money. It’s better to check the background of a company and be sure in it than feeling regret later on.

Getting To Campus


Seattle is a beautiful city, and it is also the home of the University of Washington. Once you have made all your transport arrangements, the moving company will come on the day you specified. After loading the truck, they will begin their drive to Seattle to drop off your belongings.

The number of days it takes for your belongings to reach Seattle will depend on the miles between the pickup and dropoff addresses. If you are moving to Seattle from across the country, you could be waiting up to a week before your belongings arrive.

Your moving company will keep you informed along the entire process. You will know approximately how long it will take to move your belongings before the moving day takes place. You will also be supplied with updates along the way, letting you know where your belongings are during the transport.

School Year Done Right


You made a great decision to attend the University of Washington. Hopefully, when you arrive in Seattle, you will get a chance to explore a little before classes start. The U-District and the businesses lining it are notorious to the campus students, and you should make sure that you visit it.

Even though the school year will look different this year, it will require flexibility and understanding as the campus and businesses learn how to handle all the changes taking place. You have a vital part in the process.

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