Battle of Luxury Natural Stone Backsplashes

A stacked stone faucet is a perfect way of interacting with natural stone rock panels and having a sense of how flexible an item can be by dipping it into many other applications. You will soon see how half a wall might make a makeover in a nook for breakfast, a fireplace in the living room, or a media wall in a den and how stuck stone could blend well.

Creating a backsplash requires some vision of whatever you want to achieve. It is crucial to create transitions that are smooth in all spaces. There are so many backsplash designs, such as allover allure, whereby you use contrasting colors. This kind of style helps in bringing other items into the surrounding of life. The direct dimensional approach is another technique achieved by placing tiles diagonally using one-of-a-kind materials.

Mixed mastery backsplash requires polished natural stones. The aim is to bring balance to the entire space, which can go well with a high style modification. Use dimmable incandescent lighting for light washing over the back of the tile. This effect takes its warmer tone out. Beautiful spaces increase productivity as well as make occupants happier. Tightening tiles and extending electrical outlets and boxes allows switches and outlets to mount on an even level with the stone.

Granite Backsplashes


Homeowners and contractors love granite for its elegance and longevity. Granite comes in various colors and types, offering a wide variety of choices for users. Combining a granite backsplash and granite countertops is a perfect way to complete a space design. A granite backsplash can quickly become every kitchen’s focal point.

This natural stone is one of the finest materials you can use for a backsplash. There are several options when using this natural stone, from dark to transparent, venous to a solid color. Few materials may compare with a granite sheet’s visual effects and versatility.

Marble Backsplashes

Marble is a timeless material when it comes to design. While you will have to be careful in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, the elegance marble gives is worth every effort. Like granite, marble gives you a wide range of choices.

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials you can pick, regardless of which color or style you choose. In many stones, the elegant veining makes a bold statement and gives your space a unique character. A marble plate will impress your visitors and make you enjoy your space.

Quartz Backsplashes


Quartz is a combination of ground natural quartz and polyresin. The exact proportions differ according to the brand but are often the same location. Quartz advantages in the home have made the material more popular. This material offers various colors and textures for your choice. You can get granite or marble look, or something bold. You don’t need to find anything in your space that matches the color scheme. The stone is a bit cheaper, but cannot compare to natural stone.

Slate Backsplash

If you prefer a dark, long-lasting natural stone, consider slate. A slate backplate can give any kitchen renovation a pleasant finishing touch. Homeowners, contractors, and interior designers that love color and wish to have various designs to consider will find slate limiting. However, a slate backsplash will give you a stunning, darker natural stone finish. The stone comes in a variety of dark grays or blue hues.

Soapstone Backsplash


Soapstone is another perfect material for backsplash used in a variety of darker tones. There are soapstone in either dark green or gray color. Although the material is susceptible to scratches, you can sand the marks away easily. Soapstone comes in a variety of green and a grey hue is available. It gives a soft look to your backsplash. The tendency of the material to naturally darken over time is one of the unique features of soapstone. You can use mineral oil to accelerate the process of treating soapstone.

Limestone Backsplashes

The inclusion of limestone in your home will elicit light and life feelings. Although this is not a widely used material in spaces, you can add a limestone kitchen backsplash if you are adventurous and careful. Clean up spills immediately to avoid stains. Limestone is available in a wide variety of lighter colors.

Travertine Backsplashes


Travertine has many limestone parallels because it is a type of limestone. However, the names should not be used interchangeably. The two materials are noticeably different. While travertine tiling is very common at home, it can also be a pleasant option to choose a travertine plate for your splash. In a similar color spectrum to natural stone, the travertine can be found. Like limestone, travertine can fill up your space with light and life. Ensure you get the products from reputable companies.

Onyx Backsplashes

Consider choosing onyx backsplash if you want a single backsplash style. Any backpack will give a truly unique appearance to this unbelievable natural stone. Onyx comes in a variety of light and dark colors giving magnificent designs or veins. If you’re looking for a backsplash close to a raw art piece, onyx is a great alternative.

Gemstones Backsplashes


You can go for a gemstone backlash in your kitchen as one of the rare materials in the world. Gemstones transform ordinary spaces into luxurious rooms, making it worth every effort in care and maintenance. The stone comes in many colors and patterns. Consider picking gems if you are looking for backsplash that will set your home apart.


Backsplashes have been around for over a decade now. The intention is to draw eyes and create an artistic feel. Choosing the right backsplash for your space can be tricky and confusing with the many options out there. Since construction projects are expensive and time-consuming, there is very little room for mistakes. The competition is quite tight. Saturnia Travertini is a platform that makes it easy for anyone considering natural stone for building materials. Besides getting the best products, the site offers you all information you may need about natural stone.