Latest Non-Surgical Treatments of Body Sculpting Popular Among People in 2021

by Anite Allesis

Body sculpting is common among those who are conscious about their figure. The term body sculpting can mean various things. It completely depends on whom you talk to and how you want body sculpting or contouring. Generally, body sculpting means improving your figure. This can be done by exercising and performing a specific workout.

While some who don’t want to take this strenuous path, prefer short cuts of different types of operations or medical treatments. It’s less time-consuming and removes excess fat from the body while trimming it into good shape. These treatments may be costly but the after results are spectacular.

Workouts are tedious and may take longer to show results than expected, but medical treatments are accurate. Still, if you feel that just medical treatment is enough to get desired results, then you’re wrong because after medical treatment you still have to undergo certain lifestyle changes to retain the results. It is best to seek the help of the best medical institute and plastic surgeon to undergo any kind of medical treatment for body sculpting.

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All types of body sculpting systems work in a similar manner. The fat cells are broken or dissolved and then flushed out by our body’s lymphatic system. The course takes a few months, but some cures ensure that the cured areas will no longer collect fat cells in the future.

Different types of Body Sculpting



The CoolSculpting method is approved by FDA. It is the first non-invasive fat removal method. The device uses a controlled method of cooling or freezing the stubborn fat that cannot be removed even by exercising or diet control. These stubborn fats are mostly found on the stomach, upper arms, thighs, etc. the fat cells are frozen until they crystallize. These frozen cells die in a few months and the body removes them as toxins naturally. New fat cells cannot reproduce in that area, but patients often feel discomfit and bruises in the treated area for some time.



SculpSure is the opposite of CoolSculpting because here the temperature in the affected area is increased. It is a 25-minute process of extreme laser heat applied to the stubborn fat to dissolve. The device has a strap that is wrapped around the areas that have stubborn fat. These areas are specifically the arms, stomach, inner thighs, etc.

The process includes the alternate step of intense heat and slight cooling. The advantage of this method is that the patent has to bear this heat only in sitting and the results can be seen within 6-12 weeks. A similar process is a radio frequency method where a warm electric blanket is used. The treatment is known as Vanquish. It is a smooth applicator that is painless.

Radio Frequency and Ultrasound


Radio Frequency or Vanquish devices focus the liquid in the fat cells. It is significant to keep your body hydrated well before removing any cells. This method is useful for sagging and drooping skin under the chin, neck, knees, and upper part of the arms. The Radio Frequency technology penetrates deep into the skin layers which builds new collagen.

It is good for those who have too many stretch marks due to pregnancy or due to sagged skin. The skin tightens as well as provides a body curve. During the treatment, the patient might feel warm, but there aren’t any side effects till date. Remember, since the method targets liquid in the fat cells, therefore the patients are advised to stay hydrated before the treatment begins.

Ultrasound energy or UltraShape


Ultrasound energy is used to break the fat cells. This process is quite time-consuming as it takes around 1 hour to complete the procedure, while other methods take not more than 25 minutes. The surgeon will move a device manually all over the area that needs treatment. You will feel vibrations in your body. These vibrations are used to break or finish fat cells. This method applies only to the stomach and no other body parts.

General facts about Body Sculpting


  • None of the methods require anesthesia or interruption.
  • Apart from radio frequency no other methods require more than 25 minutes.
  • The sessions are short and it takes just 3 to 4 sessions for the surgeon to complete the treatment.
  • It takes 12 to 16 weeks to see positive results on the body. The body takes time to remove fat cells naturally.
  • You may see redness, soreness, bumps, and swelling in the treated areas for a few days.
  • The hot and cold treatment does involve pain, burning, or stinging vibrations, but you have to bear them for only 25 minutes.

Risks and Side Effects of Body Sculpting


Whether it is a surgical or non-surgical method, every treatment has certain side effects. However, non-surgical Body Sculpting involves fewer risks, which are temporary and will fade in a few days. The common risks of body sculpting are bruising around the treated areas and pain as well as tingling and redness. The cold treatment sometimes can lead to paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. In this problem, the fat cells grow larger than getting smaller and crystallizing.

Risk will always be there when there is any kind of treatment. Often the results are positive for everyone. However, rare cases are also seen when people spend thousands of dollars but don’t get desired results. Of course, no treatment comes without a risk.

Even if you undergo a non-surgical treatment, you will still have to follow certain protocols during the recovery process. Don’t just start munching all those junk foods. Even if some treatments assure long-lasting results, you still need to follow a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise.

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