Omran Omais: Reveals How to Achieve Happiness

Omran Omais, was born on October 16, 1998, Panamanian nationality, and he is known as one of the youngest writers in Panama. In his second book cited as “La vida no es lo que parece” he reveals how to achieve happiness.

Omran O. on his book says that ´´God knew from the beginning of the creation that not everyone will get the best material possessions since there will be some more hungry than others. That’s why he made the decision to hide happiness in a place that cannot be seen by anyone. When referring to nobody, it means that even your father, your mother, your friends, your partner, will not know where to find your happiness. Most of the time, they will want to help you get the best of the best, but that will not help you achieve happiness. Happiness is hidden inside each one, and only you can find your own. ´´

Omran Omais: Reveals How to Achieve Happiness

Also, in his book, he talks about how we can cure diseases such as AIDS and cancer:

In chapter IV called the Cure is in the Mind, he talks about how the human body can create a cure for diseases. He began by exposing the three levels of the mind, the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Then he explains that if in some way, miracles exist, they would come from our mind, which is capable of healing our broken bodies. For years, he has been focusing on how human beings could not only heal mental illnesses but also physical.

Nowadays you could find audios on the Internet that, when you listen to them, your subconscious mind somehow heals mental illness. Thanks to certain results, he wanted to know if there was any way to heal any physical illness, listening to the audios, then he was asked the question: Would our mind be able to cure cancer and if so, how? After several studies, he asked himself, how about we activate the pineal gland, which is located in the brain exactly in the center of the brain. This part of the mind emits some energy that could cure us, but it would take time to learn to control it, so his theory is based on activating the pineal gland and listening to the audios with affirmations. He details this aspect in the book. I invite you to check it out on your own.

He is known on Instagram as OmranSays

The Book is for free and is on Spanish:


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