OnePlus 6 More Info leaks – To Be Powered With Snapdragon 845 Processor

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OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is a much awaited phone. The teasers and promos of this phone has excited the people to the extent that they aren’t able to wait for it. Officially the phone is to be launched in June but seeing the teaser and public excitement for it, there is high chance of it being launched before time.

The Chinese Co. started its marketing campaign for it from 2nd of April. The co. released its 1st official small teaser video of just 4 seconds, confirming the name of this upcoming flagship smartphone of OnePlus.  The tagline of this phone’s marketing campaign is “the speed you need”. The name was recently confirmed in a tweet.

The upcoming OnePlus 6 is going to have a storage capacity of 256GB. As this is the speed generator phone so it is going to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The RAM is to be same as the last 2 models, 8GB.

Seeing the speed of the current OnePlus 5T which is extremely fast we can imagine the speed of upcoming OnePlus 6. When the co. is itself calling it the speed phone- “the pursuit of speed” then there is no doubt of the speed it will be running at. Plus, bundled with high storage capacity there is minimal chances of the phone being slowed down or hanged.

The CEO of the company, Pete Lau had confirmed that the launch is to happen in June and that this device is going to be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor chipset, the speed generator of the phone. It is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 from where OnePlus is going to get its speed.

The co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei additionally confirmed that this flagship phone si going to have a screen with a notch, measuring 19.62*7.69 mm. This screen size is to be larger than any other common phone but definitely smaller than iPhone X’s screen. At least on eversion of the phone will be having a woodgrain finish on the back. This woodgrain finish back will be totally unique, distinguishing the device from any other smartphone.

People are already super excited about the launch of OnePlus 6. The launch of this phone might give  a hard blow to the smartphone brands cause of the features it is coming up with and specially the speed.

The excitement and wait is growing day by day since the start of its marketing campaign with people waiting for another feature to be disclosed with every campaign.

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