Online Slots With Frequent Wins

Slots are the simplest of all gambling games. All you do is press a button, and fate decides if you’re going to walk away with more than what you had before playing. Each reel rotation stops at random, and while there is nothing you can do to impact an individual result, your choice of whose reels you spin can affect your chances of being profitable.

While most fall prey to the allure of landing a life-changing win, veterans know that staying out of the red is what counts most. Huge risks are only for those that can afford them. Everyone else should stick to titles that provide a decent probability of coming out ahead. Thus, the best options are games that feature high return-to-player (RTP) and low to medium volatility. The first concept signifies, in percentage, how much the slot will pay back over time, while the second tells you how often wins will come and in what sizes. Low volatility means that modest wins will regularly happen, while high volatility means that the game will only pay out big wins rarely.

Below, we list what are, in our opinion, slots on whose reels you stand the best chance of landing frequent wins. Titles that let you walk away with a little something extra.

Best Online Slot to Win


Because of its association with royalty and aristocrats, horse racing has earned the Sport of Kings moniker. However, in recent years, its popularity has dwindled, and viewership has been dropping year-to-year. Derby Dollar is an older slot, which despite its not-so-popular theme, has maintained a loyal fanbase due to its unique spec combination.

You cannot go wrong with this low volatility title with an RTP of 97.5% and a max win potential of x16,665 your bet. You can find it on many online slot platforms featured on, the premium gaming info hub on the internet, known for its unbiased reviews.

Realtime Gaming, the top supplier of online slots for North American players, is the developer behind Derby Dollars. They have taken a fairly conventional approach to this slot, focusing on arcade-like visuals and steady streams of winning combos rather than fancy graphics and complex gameplay. It is a five-reel, three-row game with twenty pay lines, a jackpot prize, and is itching to give away free spins.

After Night Falls


If you’re a slot connoisseur, you’ve likely come across the name BetSoft. Founded in 2006, this Malta-based company is a winner of numerous best-provider awards and owns the SLOTS3, ToGo, and SHIFT brands. Betsoft is the sector leader when it comes to 3D games, and in 2012, they unleashed After Night Falls, a fun 3D crime romp inspired by the 1960s Inspector Clouseau films.

The plot in After Night Falls revolves around a callous yet clumsy thief, who only strikes at night, and the detective who is hell-bent on stopping him. The action here plays out on a classic five-reel, three-row grid, and the slot features thirty paylines. The RTP is a super-high 97.27%, and the volatility is medium. Bet sizes range from $0.02 to $150, so spinners of all sized bankrolls can afford to solve clues and chase after the diabolical criminal.

Good Girl, Bad Girl


Sometimes, we all feel like we have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. That there’s an internal struggle between good and evil in the world, and us. Such is the duality of humans. Good Girl, Bad Girl is a 2014 slot that takes advantage of this common concept, and it transfers it into the slot-verse via this medium volatility title, which has a staggering RTP of 97.79%. You can pick to play as the Good Girl, enjoy a less hazardous gaming experience, or opt to walk on the wrong side and go after bigger wins as the game’s volatility increases. You can also play both sides together!

Visually, this is a mesmerizing title. It has unique 3D character-designs with two leads that ooze sex-appeal. Yes, that’s also present in some slots. Mechanics-wise, Good Girl, Bad Girl appears to be a simple five-reel, three-row game at first sight. Though you’ll find out that once you start playing it, it has a ton of bonus features and that it provides a progressive jackpot prize. Due to its robust nature, experts often list it among the best slots of all-time. Why not try it and discover if it is worthy of such praise.

The quest to the West


Have you heard of the Monkey King? Even if you haven’t, you would likely recognize this humanoid creature if you see it. Asian movie superstars Jet Li and Donnie Yen both played him in separate movies, and Jackie Chan voiced him in an animated feature. The Monkey King is the lead character of a famous 16th-century Chinese novel titled Journey to the West. Though, many speculate that his origins can be traced back to centuries prior and Hindu culture. In 2023, Betsoft took a shot of bringing this legendary figure to online casinos everywhere through the appropriately titled Quest to the West.

Quest is a five-reel, three-row, twenty-five payline slot, where bet sizes range from $0.04 to $80. It has an RTP of 97.53% and a hit frequency of 27.4, which means that every fourth spin should provide a prize on average. Presentation-wise, this is a vibrant game that features some painterly graphics and is among the best non-3D titles from Betsoft’s immense game library.

Lucky Rat


If you like to make big bets and are on the lookout for some unique gaming fun, then Lucky Rat may be the slot for you. It is a Realtime Gaming product that utilizes a 3-4-5-4-3 grid layout and incorporates the 720-ways-to-win format. It is a Chinese Zodiac-themed low volatility game that has a very high RTP of 97.5%. Bet sizes at Lucky Rat start at $2.5 and go up to $250. So, as mentioned, if you fancy yourself a high-roller, then you can lay down some major moolah on this slot, and if you are as lucky as a rat, you can win a jackpot prize of $330,000.

Released in the Year of the Rat (2020), this RTG offering flew under the radar. It didn’t catch many spinners’ eyes. However, believe us, it is worth your time. Inside the Free Spins round, you can earn up to 240 complimentary spins, and you can land cash prizes that are x50 your bet.

To Sum Up

Yes, jackpots are terrific, and if you land one, your life will not be the same again. Nonetheless, life is a game of numbers. You have to play your cards right while not overstepping your means. Be realistic when it comes to your gaming investments and look to spend the majority of your playing funds on games that can yield frequent and modest rewards. Once in a while, it is okay to step off the path and hunt for a massive prize.

Though, that should be the exception and not the norm. Stick to low to medium volatility games that have a return-to-player above 96.5%. We did all the research for you and listed the best choices above. Now, all you have to do is pick one and get spinning. Wins should come with a great deal of regularity if you heed our advice.