Menopause Can Increase Risk Of Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Early Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

by Meghan Combs
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It is a commonly known disease that, as most people guess, affects the bones and it is related to affect elderly people. Its name indicates that it is, in fact, a problem related to the bones and pores. It is related to the small holes that are formed in the bones of people who suffer from this disease.

In order to have a clearer idea about what osteoporosis is, first we need to picture our bones not as a one completely sealed and solid entity, but and construction of fiber that has very small spaces in it. The osteoporosis causes these very small spaces to get larger and larger with the time; weakening the bones and making them more likely to be broken.

People who mostly suffer from Osteoporosis are women of old age. However, it does not mean that other people can’t suffer from it. Actually nowadays, there are more and more young adults that begin showing signs of osteoporosis due to the poor nutrients in their diets or genetic issues.

Recent studies have shown that more of 53 million people in the U.S. are suffering or extremely close from suffering from Osteoporosis. It means that this disease is undeniably common and that people who suffer from it are very likely to get bone fractures and physical injuries. The most common areas where people have fractures and injuries are the ribs, hips, spine, thigh, wrists.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

            Even though this disease does not always show an early sign and is somewhat difficult to be diagnosed before suffering a fracture or a physical injury, there are some signs that can help you suspect that you might be suffering from Osteoporosis.

  • Pain in the body
  • Receding gums appearance
  • The grip of limps begging weakening
  • Brittle nails that usually break
  • Excessive hair fall
  • Join pains that are persistent when moving

It is not always easy to spot these signs and sometimes people that eventually suffer from Osteoporosis do not even experience any of these symptoms, especially if it is party of the medic history of the family.

            Causes of Osteoporosis

            There are three main causes for Osteoporosis: First we have the age. The more advanced a person’s age is, the more likely it is for him or her to suffer from Osteoporosis. The second cause is the menopause in women which is the main reason why there are more women than men that have Osteoporosis. And the third cause is the existence of other health issues that have osteoporosis as consequence.

Treatments for Osteoporosis

            There exists medication that your doctor will definitely prescribe once you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis. However, it is very important to change your diet so you include the correct kind of food that will help your bones decelerate their weakening process by giving them a healthy amount of calcium. Furthermore, physical activity will also help you be in better shape and strengthen your body for avoiding fractures and injuries.

Remember to see your doctor if you present one of the symptoms that signal the possibility of suffering from Osteoporosis, especially when reaching an advanced age.

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