Easy Steps To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication

In today’s World society has become accustomed to pop a pill for just about everything they are feeling. This is more especially true for people who suffer from Anxiety, they are even the preferred target for most medications, considering that anxiety causes some physical symptoms. These people have no other choice than to go a doctor a get a prescription for some medication.

But, the truth of the matter is that medication is not the best way to treat any form of anxiety. Learning to overcome anxiety on your own, will successfully allow you to manage it or cure it without having to use chemicals.

Managing anxiety and curing it are at opposite sides of the spectrum. Managing anxiety means that even though you still have it, you have come up with clever ways of handling it, whether it is through meditation or just powering through like a true champion.

Curing anxiety means that you no longer have an anxiety disorder (quite obvious, huh?), and the truest way to overcome it.

In order to successfully overcome anxiety without any medication requires a military-like discipline with a religious-like commitment to a comprehensive treatment that will become your new “lifestyle” if you will. You have to be truly serious about it, this isn’t something you will do once in a while hoping that way your anxiety will be less crippling.

There are certain activities that can help you to either manage your anxiety or cure your anxiety that would depend on the person’s level of commitment. They can be integrated into your daily life without the need for medical intervention.

Before getting started, it is worth mentioning that should the below ways not work for you, it is highly recommended to try out biofeedback therapy at Optimal Brain to ease symptoms.


It has been proven that exercise has become an excellent way to manage anxiety. There is a very clear connection between anxiety, management, and exercise. Those who choose a more sedentary lifestyle are more prone to develop crippling anxiety disorders than those who choose a more active lifestyle.

During the exercise, we release neurotransmitters that uplift our mood. It tires our muscles preventing anxiety symptoms, and burn the stress hormones that trigger the anxiety.

This is the more natural and healthiest to way to fight off anxiety. A “must-do” if you are truly serious about overcoming it.


There have been studies that have linked poor nutrition to anxiety disorders. The biggest blame here goes to magnesium, this is a highly important mineral that sadly has been stripped off most foods due to the way they are processed.

Now, we are not saying that the lack causes anxiety, but it does worsen the symptoms if our levels are low. Therefore having a rich diet of vitamins is another “must-do”.


The technical name is “Self-Exposure” and it is best to do it in the presence of an expert, although not mandatory, you can always be brave and pulled off by yourself.

There isn’t much here to say, the main idea is too exposed yourself to situations that cause your anxiety to go off rails in order to become accustomed to them by the prolonged exposure.