6 Ways Paint By Numbers Can Improve Your Mood And Well-Being

Everyone knows that the secrets to a fulfilling old age are regular exercise and healthy eating. But it can extend beyond the mere basics to creating a hobby. It can be meditating, cycling, baking, cooking, knitting, gardening, or even painting. Incorporating a hobby at an old age assists keep the body strong and mind healthy, thus improving the overall quality of life.

But what is Painting by Numbers? – that is the question. Is it merely holding a brush and creating strokes like we usually do? Or does it go beyond it?

Painting by Numbers is an activity where a photo is broken down into small shapes, each shape assigned a number indicating a specific color. You color each profile one by one with the color mentioned to create an artwork. The painting kits by CustomPaintByNumber are one of the best out there as it includes acrylic, watercolor, and a variety of other paints to help you get started.

We’ve listed some critical advantages of Painting by Numbers to improve your overall mood and well-being in this article. Let’s go through them, shall we?

1. Calms the Mood

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After a certain age, there are not many things that can reduce your stress levels. When you’re young, you can try out different things to find out which one works the best, but when you’re old, you don’t have the energy or the willingness to experiment. That’s where Painting by Numbers comes in handy as it is universally proven to be a stress-relieving activity.

Who won’t calm down if they get a chance to experiment with colors, create strokes, and get their artistic side out? If you’re old and feeling anxious, we suggest trying your hands on this activity. It will surely make you happier, and you will feel more relaxed after releasing your pent-up emotions.

2. Sharpens the Mind

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Even at an old age, having a sharp mind sure has its perks. Some people enjoy being independent even at an old age, but not everyone is lucky enough to maintain a strong memory or sense. So, if you’re moving towards dotage, we recommend you try your hands on Painting by Numbers as soon as you can to bolster your memory.

This fantastic pastime activity is easy to follow and helps sharpen the mind via conceptual visualization and implementation. Besides, you may also practice regular writing, journaling, or drawing to boost your memory and enhance concentration.

3. Promotes Self-Confidence

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When you’re painting something through the numbers approach, it provides you a sense of achievement in completing the picture. Several studies have proven that engaging in visual expression results in an activated brain, regardless of perfection. It thus helps in providing a pleasurable experience that also boosts your confidence.

It is one of the most fulfilling forms of art for the older generation because our preference for more straightforward tasks increases as we age. Also, painting for hours, without help as to what color to choose next and where to paint, might negatively impact your self-esteem and sense of achievement. But in the paint by numbers approach your confidence level increases.

4. Combats Loss of Independence

If you live alone, you might feel vulnerable to depression at some point. It might bring with it a feeling of loss of independence and loneliness. But if you think about it, you’ll understand that these negative feelings are often obtained by poor physical and mental health, which worsens your overall quality of life.

To make it better, the simplest thing you can do is engage yourself in a simple, fun activity that will uplift your mood and promote your physical health. It has been observed that people who participate in creative work experience low levels of depression and loneliness. If you do it in groups, you’ll engage in social interactions, which will give a purpose and a sense of belonging.

The role of creative arts in our lives is often undermined, but it is high time we understand their importance. Skill might not earn you much money, but it will surely keep you sane and provide a safe place to come home.

5. Stimulates Optimistic Attitude

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Painting by Numbers is a rewarding activity for seniors. It promotes their health, boosts their mind, and enhances their physical and mental health, thus contributing to a better quality of life. You can engage in this activity with anyone whose company you prefer, be it your partner, your grandchild, or a friend.

Because we slowly forget the role of physical interaction in this digital age, Painting by Numbers helps us cherish it. You can make it a fun family activity or practice it with your friends. Spending some quality time with your loved ones will undoubtedly boost your physical and mental health!

6. Strengthens Motor Skills

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When painting, an artist thinks conceptually and engages critical skills to bring the colors to life. It is valid for the older generation as well. When a person of old age holds a brush to make a stroke, exertion is put on their mind and body through small movements. In doing so, their physical ability is strengthened by reducing frailty, improving muscle coordination, and improving blood flow.

If you have arthritis, painting could be the best pastime activity for you as it helps deal with pain more effectively and reduce inflammation. Besides, focusing on something as soothing as colors takes your mind away from the chronic pain. Painting introduces novel emotions that are not a part of your everyday life, thus making you feel more relaxed and happy.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter what age you are; painting can take a load of stress off of your mind. It is never too late to incorporate a new hobby into your life or pick up an old one. Creating artwork through Painting by Numbers will give you a sense of pride and boost your self-esteem. We hope this article has encouraged you to some level to get started with this hobby.