Panama Hat – Elegance and Comfort

A straw hat will always be an accessory that you must have in your closet, you know that any style combines perfectly with this hat. Both to go out in the open air, as for a meeting with your friends in the city. The Panama Hat will always make you look stylish and elegant. It will provide you with security and an air of modernity despite being a style of decades of existence.

How can you combine your hat?


Due to its classic shape, hat with wings, and its natural straw beige color it is an accessory that can be combined with all styles. In addition to highlighting its versatility, both men and women can wear it. Here I will show you styles with which you can match your hat.

Beach Outfit

Wearing a straw hat on the beach is common, but the style and elegance that denotes the Panama hat are unique, so you can wear it to the beach.

  • For women: combine your hat with a light and fresh dress. They can be in flowery or pastel colors for a trip to the beach. Or combine it with your favorite swimsuit or bikini.
  • For men: wear your favorite beach shirt and matching shorts. You can also use it to go out at night with your friends and enjoy the benefits of a night beach.

Casual Encounter


Maybe you are used to seeing other types of hats to wear in the city, but what do you think, the Panama hat is perfect to go out with him in the city. Either shopping or to see your friends. Even to get to work, the straw hat goes very well with your styles for the city

  • For Women: Pair your hat with skinny jeans and a matching white or striped blouse, belt, and your favorite heels. But if you are going to walk a lot, you can also wear your flats or comfortable sandals and you will look interesting.
  • For men: some skinny jeans with a white or two-tone thin striped shirt, combine them with loafers, and show off your confidence with your straw hat. You can also combine this outfit with fabric pants in case you don’t want to wear jeans.

Countryside and Lakeside


Outdoor outings are always amazing when you enjoy the sun or a sport. You can take the Panama hat with you and look great. Besides looking confident and stylish, it protects your skin from direct sunlight on your skin.

  • For women: Wear a flowery or blue, green, or orange jumper. Combine them with your sandals and enjoy them. If you are going for a walk, you can also wear your comfortable shorts and your cool cotton blouse and your sports shoes to dare to live an adventure among trees.
  • For men: Wear your shorts with a comfortable shirt, and your sandals to feel comfortable. If you go for a walk, wear your long mountain and sports pants, a light shirt and you can go out with your hat to look amazing.

How to know if a straw hat is original?


When you want to buy your hat, ask for information about the origin. Each hat has been painstakingly woven. These tips can help you choose your original hat, touch, and smell the hat: Does it give off an unmistakable smell? So, they are good! The fake ones are made of plastic and therefore do not smell. Let’s not forget that the authentic toquilla straw hat is made from the straw of a palm tree.

It’s soft to the touch, it’s good too. Look inside: When you look inside the top of the hat you will see a series of rings, which will have been formed with the knots of the straw, the more we find, the better quality. The fewer gaps there are between the fabric, the higher it’s quality.

If you notice that there are a lot of hats stacked on top of each other, doubt, the fine hats are kept in special places, to take care of them.

Ask about your size: If in a store they measure your head to offer you the hat, perfect is a pretty good clue that those who serve you are artisans and the piece they sell you is of quality.

How to choose the perfect model?


These recommendations can be very helpful to know how to choose the hat for you: The hat should sit perfectly on the head. It should never be too tight or too big.

The brim of the hat cannot be greater than the width of the shoulders or it will seem that it leads us and not the opposite.

Wide-brimmed hats are usually more elegant, while short-brimmed hats are used on more informal occasions, although this will largely depend on the material of the hat. If to see with him, you still do not have your straw hat because you doubt how you will look.


A straw hat is an art made accessory. You will wonder why. The mistakenly known Panama Hat has been a very famous hat for many decades. Its name Panama Hat is because in the years that the Panama Canal was built, hundreds of these hats were imported from Ecuador to be sent to the workers who built this canal. He gained more fame with President Theodore Roosevelt when he visited the channel wearing the straw hat, which increased his popularity.

But these hats are Ecuadorian, specifically from the cities of Montecristi and Jipijapa, located in the province of ManabĂ­. Where skilled artisans dedicate their entire lives together with their families to make each fine hat. An art that began as a tradition of these ancient peoples and that has now become their way of life. A knowledge transmitted from generation to generation, from parents to children that still keeps the wisdom of weaving alive and that on December 5, 2012, UNESCO added the toquilla straw hat to the list of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For more information on toquilla straw hats (Panama hats) visit EcuadorianHands