Doctors Say This Roller Coaster Ride Can Help You Pass Kidney Stones

Are you suffering from any sort of chronic kidney disease? Are you facing kidney stone problem? Time to visit the Disney world! Yes! You have heard it right; kidney stone is a call for a trip to Disney world. You will be amazed to know that there is a roller coaster ride in the Disney world in Florida which is capable of passing the kidney stones.

This is not just something without a proper head and tail, but there have been researches and studies which have proved that this rollercoaster ride helps people pass the kidney stones. The jolts, twists, and twirls are enough for a person suffering from kidney stone to get rid of their ailment. Though this may sound shocking and surprising, this is a fact as many kidney stone patients have continuously reported that one of the roller coaster drives in the Disney world has the magical properties of healing the chronic kidney disease.

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Speed up passing a kidney stone

David Wartinger, a professor of Osteopathic Department, has studied this fact very closely as he had few patients who passed kidney stones after twirling around the thrilling roller coaster ride. He also moved ahead to perform a test in which he used an artificial kidney with three kidney stones well packed in his backpack; he then took the ride of the healing roller coaster about twenty times. He deduced that there was a 64 percent success rate behind the story of the magical roller coaster ride. He further proceeded with the testing up of different kidney models to get near to the success story of the roller coaster ride capable of passing kidney stones. He found that the success rate increased to about seventy percent when the researchers sat in the back seats of the ride in comparison to the researchers who sat with their backpacks on the front seats. Another key factor to be considered was that the kidney stone passage rate had a hike of hundred percent success when the kidney stones were placed in the anterior part of the upper chamber of the kidneys. Thus a roller coaster ride is an ideal way to passing the kidney stones if you want to get cured up without medications. But wait a minute! Every roller coaster cannot prove as an ideal rollercoaster drive to get rid of the chronic disease, only a specific roller coaster in the Disney world is capable of working out this magical chant.

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There are certain limitations to the studies as well as the tests were performed on test models and not realistic kidneys. But yes, there have been many patients who have given their testimonies regarding their kidney stone resolving issues. Apart from this, the kidneys differ from person to person and are unique in nature thus every person may have different kidney anatomies and adaptations. The test was performed on a single type of kidney model, and therefore there may be different ways in which the kidneys may respond to the rollercoaster ride, some may get cured whereas some may not. The cure factor totally depends on the kidney functionality and response which may vary from person to person. But indeed this ride has proven benefits in the passage of the kidney stones to a greater extent.

Getting cured up in a natural way is not very easy as you have to be very regular on the consumption of natural supplement for kidney health. But this roller coaster drive has proven to be an out of the box way for the treatment of kidney stone. Nobody could have thought of a ride that could help in curing the chronic kidney disease, and if it is Disney world, then it is undoubtedly a fun and amusing way of getting rid of kidney stone. So the next time you plan to visit a doctor, you can stop for a day and enjoy the magical roller coaster at Disney’s to get treatment for your kidney stone.