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Phuket Full Moon Party 2019

Get ready for the exciting Phuket Full Moon Party 2019. It is set to take place near the Patong Bay on the breath-taking Paradise Beach. If you are a party animal with love for the each and soothing blue water, make sure you don’t miss this one. Get to know all the tantalizing details about this awesome party!

Dates for 2019 Full Moon Party

The dates set for Phuket Full Moon Party 2019 are outspread across four months starting from January. The dates include January 19th, February 16th, March 23rd and April 20.

There are Half Moon Parties set to take place on February 2nd, March 2nd and April 6th of this year.

Exciting Facts About Phuket Full Moon Party

Phuket Full Moon Party is considered among the most happening beach parties across the World. You can expect around 10k to 30k party animals just like you, set to make this Full Moon Party even more insane.

Party-goers dressed up in casual wear, paint their bodies with lively vibrant colors that get reflected during the night time. You can let loose yourself to get binge drunk and have the best time of your life.

Apart booze, delicious snacks, and nudity, you can also expect happening international DJs, dance parties, fire festivities like limbo and jump rope, some cool new friends with whom you can make some wild memories too!

The Full Moon Party Phuket starts from 8 Pm which gets going wild by mid-night till early morning and finally ends around 11 Am.

How to reach the destination?

You will be staying at amazing hotels at Patong bay. From Patong, you get a shuttle ride to the Paradise beach. The shuttle service happens once every 30 minutes. It begins from 09 Am and is available till next day 4 Am. So, even if you get tired in the middle of the party and want to get back to Patong, just look out for shuttle services.

Quotation for the Phuket Full Moon Party

The entrance fee for each person is 800 baht. With 1000 baht, you get ‘Premium Bucket’ which basically is 2 chang beers.

The colorful lights, party settings, people, alcohol, music, beach, nature, and everything involved is set to give an unforgettable memory. Clear your schedule and visit soon.

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