PKL Day 15: Tamil Thalaivas won after 5 lost, U Mumba with big 21 point lead won against Titans.

On the Fifteenth day of Pro Kabaddi League season 6, the first match of the day was U Mumba vs Telugu Titans.

As we compare point table score, both teams won three matches and one lost only difference is U Mumba has one tie in their account.

U Mumba won the toss and selected choice of court. U Mumba’s Siddharth’s successful raid and with score 13-7 on the table, Telugu Titans all out. At halftime Siddharth Desai’s last raid and score 17-12 on the table. U Mumba with 5 point lead at halftime against Telugu Titans.

After 5 minutes, Telugu Titans got all out again the second time with score 25-16 on the table. Rahul Chaudhari raids successfully and completed his 700th raid point and becomes first in PKL history to achieve and score 28-18 on the table.

At last 15 minute, Telugu Titans all-out third time with score 36-18 on the table. From halftime, U mumba gave a signal and they won the match with 21 point lead with score 41-20 on the table.

2nd match of the day: Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas

Puneri Paltan won five matches, opposite Tamil Thalaivas lost five matches. Puneri Paltan lost two and one tie opposite to it Tamil Thalaivas has only one won.

Puneri Paltan won the toss and selected choice of court. With full competitiveness by both team score 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6 on the table describes winning Paltan and Thalaivas defence as they won only one match. Before 5 minutes of first-half Puneri Paltan all out with score 11-15 on the table.\

At halftime score 15-16 on the table. Last 8 minute before, with Thalaivas’ Jasvir Singh successful raid Puneri Paltan all out with score 20-29 on the table.

Finally, after five lost Thalaivas came back in the game, Tamil Thalaiavas won with 5 point lead with score 31-36 on the table. Puneri Paltan lost after back to back win.