Best Places to Go Out at Night in London in 2022

Is it possible to find the right words to describe the capital of England? First of all, this city is a mix of different nations, cultures, and mentalities. There are two different reasons why we tell you this. First of all, London is a huge city that has around 9 million citizens. However, the more amazing thing is that London has around 30 million visitors each year. This number puts it in the first place of the most visited cities in the world.

We believe that you already have the list of cities that you want to visit during your lifetime. Despite that, we are 100% sure that London is one of them. However, people visit London because of different reasons.

Some of us are impressed by the huge number of historical buildings and monuments you can find here. The second group of people wants to get familiar with the British mentality and culture. Still, a large group of people comes here to experience one of the most entertaining nightlife in the world. If you are staying in London for a short time, and you need a solution for your luggage before you hit the clubs, we suggest a service like Vertoe for a luggage service.

If you are one of them, then this article is going to be helpful to you. Coming here with friends and enjoying the nights is the right choice. Still, if you do not have a company, that won’t be a huge problem. We suggest you visit and find someone who is going to enjoy those parties together with you.

5 Areas of London You Should Visit

As we said, London is a large city with millions of citizens and tourists. That’s why you should know that not entire London is equally good for nightlife. There are certain areas that you should visit when coming here.

South Kensington

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Well, the entire Kensington is well-known as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in this city. Many people that visited this place were amazed by a huge number of exclusive restaurants and clubs.


This specific area is located in the north-west part of London. Well, if you are looking to find a lively bohemian nightlife, this is the area you should visit. More precisely, if you are a huge fan of live gigs, then this is a place you mustn’t skip. You will be able to attend them in a huge number of bars and pubs.

East London

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When you look closer, this neighborhood is a culturally interesting and vibrant part of the town. Logically, here you can find a huge number of bars, restaurants, and bars. Some people like to say that this part of the town is the hippest one. However, you should also know that many large events are organized here. Some of them are the most popular ones in entire Great Britain. So, if you plan to attend this sort of event, we suggest you visit East London.


Well, this is one of the two most popular areas good for nightlife that is located in central London. Most of the travelers that come here are located in this part of the town. If you are willing to visit more trendy places, then Soho is the place you should come to. Here you can find some of the trendiest restaurants, most modern bars and clubs, live music venues, etc.


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Finally, we come to the area of town that is situated in the heart of the city. Indeed, Mayfair is the most expensive part of the town and not everyone has the chance to visit it. Still, if the budget is not your problem, then you should come here and visit some of the most exclusive restaurants, shops, hotels, bars, and pubs.

Have you ever heard about Bond Street? We suppose you did. Well, you should know that this street is located in the Mayfair area. So, if your budget is limited, we suggest you visit the previous 4 areas from our list.

4 Places You Should Visit at Night in London

After we explained which areas are the perfect ones for party lovers, let’s move to the next thing. There are 5 different clubs that we believe travelers should visit. Of course, we do not want to say that other clubs in London are bad. However, you came here to find out the best ones and it is something we will ensure you.


This night club is one of the best in the South Kensington area. Believe it or not, some of the most influential celebrities often come to enjoy some of the best parties in the world. You can expect to get some unforgettable moments here. The DJs responsible for music are mostly worldwide famous.

The Roof Garden

Have you ever heard about Derry and Toms building on Kensington High Street? Well, this club is located on the 6th floor of that building. The design of the club is impressive. For instance, it has a huge garden that covers 1.5 acres. The parties are organized only on Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately, if you are younger than 21, you won’t be allowed to come here.

Funky Buddha

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We already told you that the Mayfair area is not for people that have a problem with a lack of money. Still, if that’s not the case, then visiting Funky Buddha is the first thing you should do. Well, most of the guests that come here are celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, famous athletes, etc. In other words, only a high-end audience comes here.

So, during the working days, this club is opened on Tuesday and Thursday. Still, you can attend it on Friday and Saturday night as well.

Cirque Le Soir

Finally, we come to the club that works every night. It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday. You can come here and enjoy some of the best parties in the entire country. This club offers a combination of London nightlife and the circus world. Are you a big fan of magic? Well, then welcome to Cirque Le Soir. Here you can see different types of shows that include acrobats, clowns, magic tricks, etc.

Yet, this club is not for everyone. It would not satisfy people that are looking for modern music and a lot of people that dance and sing. This club is for a select audience only.