Strategies to Avoid when Playing Live Roulette

by Anite Allesis

Placing bets on various things and events is a part of life, and no matter if someone is fond of casino games or not, or bet for fun or money, we can all agree that gambling is something that we just like to do. One of the most popular ways to earn money and have fun is roulette, and it has for centuries now been a casino game that we gladly play. Now, even though there are many variations of this game, there are some betting strategies we all use, and what many people often wonder is whether there is something we can do to improve our odds, or at least if there are some strategies that we should avoid. The short answer is yes, there are some things we should avoid at all costs, and if you would like to find out more about that, continue reading, and if you want to check them out right away, there is no better place to do so than, one of the most famous and reputable online casinos.

1. Placing bets based on the history


Following the statistics can be a helpful and good tactic when it comes to many other games, but when we talk about roulette, that may not be the case and for several reasons. Every roulette displays the history of the last drawn numbers, and from that, it is easy to see if it is black or red color the one that brings more money. The problem is that looking at these numbers and trying to predict the future solely on these facts will not bring anything good, and you will only lose time and probably money. Just think about how many times you have tried to do the same, looked at the latest results, and picked a number from that pool, and how many times have you won? Right, and that is the core of our problems. Even those already aware of how this “strategy” could actually more likely lead to losses, if they take a look at those numbers, the subconscious will do all the work and suggest and choose the number to place a bet. That is why looking at the stats will do more harm than good, and even if you get lucky, guess the right number, and win some cash, it is not a long-lasting strategy. It is not a valid method since it is possible to see only 20 last numbers that won, and that’s far from enough to make a good prediction. It is almost the same as you are relying solely on luck, so it is not a reliable nor adequate strategy to make money.

2. Chasing loses


We cannot emphasize this one enough, as it is the most common mistake and the one strategy that will most likely lead to losing all the money. Many people have a wrong tactic and a wrong opinion that a losing streak cannot last forever and that the best thing is to continue playing and try to win the money back. Of course, a losing streak will not last forever, but the more you chase it, the more money you will lose, and it is as simple as that, and that is basic gambling psychology. Yes, putting all the money on some number knowing that you will win would be a perfect scenario, but unfortunately, the reality is a little different. Ending the losing streak is not easy, and winning all the money back is almost impossible, and that can only lead to even more losses, and even to losing everything you have for only one game. Because of that, chasing losses is not a good strategy, and it is best to avoid it because, besides the fact that it is impossible to win money this way, it is almost certain that you will lose more than planned.

3. Playing greedy


Greed never brings anything good, and it is rightfully so one of the seven deadly sins. The opposite of the losing streak that can leave us without money is a winning streak that can be even worse in the end. Many people do not understand the concept, and they are convinced that once they start winning, it will be like that until they decide to stop playing. Well, although that would be nice, one problem that often occurs is greed. Once people start winning money, they want it more and more, and the more money they have, the more they want, and because of that, they are raising their bets and trying to win more. Eventually, that leads to putting all they have into one single bet, which can easily lead to losing everything they earned and have, just like the losing streak. In the end, the winning streak, although it may sound promising, is not much better than the losing one, but it can be. It is necessary to stop playing once when you have enough money and never be greedy because greed is leaving us without everything in the end.

4. Drinking too much


Drinking too much can be a problem for many things in life, especially in situations involving money, and it is pretty clear why. Although the benefit of playing online roulette at home is that one can determine and limit the number of cocktails, beer, or scotch in advance, one can also easily get distracted. In order to avoid that, one needs to be careful and not drink too much because once you cross that line, you will not be able to make the right decisions. It is just one of the disadvantages of drinking alcoholic beverages, and we are all aware of most of them. Having one or two drinks is enough to loosen up, but one should not cross that limit.

5. Avoid roulette betting strategies


Even if you are not familiar with some of the most popular betting systems for roulette, you would be surprised that you are using them. Now, many are wondering how come? Well, the most famous betting system is the Martingale strategy, a type of betting progression where one doubles their losing bet until they win. The main problem with this strategy is the bankroll, as not many of us have an unlimited amount of money to bet, and by doubling our losing bets, we can pretty quickly reach the limit or/and lose everything. Of course, there are various betting systems one can try, but the house edge will always bring profits to the house in the end. It is a reason more to play and test every strategy by playing free online roulette before you start implementing it when you play for real money.

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