Pokemon Easter Eggs, Hidden Easter Eggs In Pokemon Go

The editor behind the Pokémon Go game, Niantic, has prepared a little surprise for Easter: an event called “Festival of eggs”. During a week of Easter, the 2 km eggs will offer a wider variety of Pokémon. You will also receive more sweets during hatching. This festival will also be an opportunity to climb to the next level faster, as you will accumulate twice as many experience points during this period. Another advantage is that the “lucky” eggs will be offered with a 50% discount in the game store. Also, if you activate one during the “Egg Festival”, the total bonus of experience points will be X4.

We simply regret the absence of any new Pokémon to mark the event. After a thunderous start, Pokémon Go has gradually lost its appeal. With the arrival of spring, Niantic seeks to reconnect with the excellent results of the summer of 2016, but it seems complicated. As expected, Pokémon Go will look for Easter colors with The Egg Festival with nice prizes on the menu.

Pokémon Go lives to the rhythm of the calendar of events and, for this purpose, will not escape from Easter. Therefore, Niantic Labs formalizes The Egg Festival, an initiative that starts today at 10pm and ends a week later at the same time. As you can expect with the long weekend ahead and the return of spring, the studio wants to get coaches from around the world out of their home, allowing them to expand their Pokédex more easily.

Specifically, during this Egg Festival, Eggs 2 km will entitle a greater variety of Pokémon and grant more candies in each outbreak. In addition, you will gain experience twice as fast to level up in two times and Chance Eggs will sell 50% cheaper in the store. Those who know your operation will guess that they will gain four times more experience than usual.

Therefore, we are likely to meet Pokémon Go fans in the coming days in nature and we imagine that the future event of this type will be launched before the start of summer, roughly during the first year of the flagship application. We can count on Niantic Labs to continue navigating the wave and feeding their game in augmented reality by aligning with popular festivals.

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