6 fun Presents for Single Friends

Whether it is for a birthday party or for no reason at all, you should always give your single friends the most unique gift possible, and here is why.

Many of us have that one very close friend that can’t seem to find the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe they just love the single life. What’s great about that friend is because they can always give you an objective view of your relationships and they can be pretty honest about your soulmate. Having someone like this in your life is very important. It is somebody that will always steer you in the right direction.

However, after gifting you with so much advice throughout your life, I would say that they also deserve some kind of present in their life, right? The act of giving a present is always great, but when it is for someone very special in your life, you will definitely feel a rush of emotions when you see their reaction while opening the gift.

Picking the right gift for your single buddies can be difficult, but with this list of fun present I have made, you will surely find something that pleases yours and their taste too. Keep in mind, this kind of present does not have to be given only on special occasions. In fact, gifting something for no reason whatsoever is even more special.

Set them up with a date

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Is there a better gift than a date for someone that has been single for a very long time? Of course, you should first mention it to him/her whether they would like to go on such a date, to give you an idea of whether you should really prepare such a gift or not.

Once you have made sure that they are up for it, you can plan it as a surprise. Call him/her to meet you at a certain bar or restaurant, but let them meet with their blind date instead. It is the perfect plan and if they do go along with the person you picked for the date, they will certainly be thankful.

Drinking session with their favorite alcohol

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What is more fun than going out with your friend and sipping on wine or drinking beer all night long? If both of you truly love the drinking sessions you have together then why not get them an entire pack of their favorite drinks and show up on their front door. Whether it is a pack of wine, two six-pack beers or a couple of whiskey bottles, you will have a great time.

While you are drinking the gift away, you will have a lot of time to bond and talk about all of the things you couldn’t have in the past. This will be a present that they will never forget in their lives.

A sex doll

When you first read this subheading, what was the first thing that came up in your mind? Was it some floppy, inflatable naked doll? Most people have the wrong assumption about sex dolls thinking they are made out of some kind of cheap plastic that is not similar in any shape or form with the “real thing”.

However, today, sex dolls are made out of special materials that make them seem very realistic. Their skin feels just like the skin of a real person. They can be customized in any way you want.

So, if your friend is having a lot of a hard time finding a long-term partner in their life why not get them a sex doll? Sure, you might buy it as a joke at first, but I bet they will not be able to resist the doll once they realize just how realistic it is. You should check out kanadoll.com because they offer a wide variety of very realistic dolls while also allowing you to customize it.

Virtual Reality headset

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You probably already know just how much free time single people have throughout the day. Sure, they still have to go to work, sleep and eat, but the rest of their day is completely free. They do not have to spend their time with their partner, going out on a dinner date, talking about the future, etc.

However, so much free time can be both positive and negative at the same time. A person can get very bored at times without having anyone to talk to.

To help your friend out of their boredom you can get them a VR headset. With it, they can get online and talk with hundreds of people and maybe even make a couple of new friends. There are tons of social games out there that give you the ability to virtually socialize. It will be an even better gift if you have one too. You could go online together socializing with your VR headsets.

Surprise birthday party

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Everyone loves a birthday party and it is especially fun for the guest of honor. So, if you truly want to make your single friend tear up from happiness, why not give them the best birthday party ever. Either rent a bar or a small apartment and invite all of his/her friends at her party. Stock up on non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and have a blast. The more fun you have, the better the gift.

Posters of their favorite games or movies

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Another great thing about being single is the fact that a person can decorate their own place however they want. Your friend won’t have to come to an agreement with their boyfriend or their girlfriend about how to stylize the living room or whether they should have pictures on the walls of their bedroom. They have complete freedom over how their home will or should look.

But, if you notice that their home is missing a bit of character, this is where you can come in. Find out what are his/her favorite movies or games and then print a bunch of posters referencing to those exact games or movies. They can put them up anywhere they want and they will definitely love the idea of the gift.

By using any of these ideas above, we believe that your buddy will find the present to be very unique and you will certainly make them happy.