Drink Like A Pro: Mastering The Art Of Mixing Drinks And Cocktails 

You do not have to be a good connoisseur to know about hot chocolate bombs or common cocktails. However, mixing alcohol and that too in the right proportion to make a cocktail that tastes great is an art.

Likewise, making hot chocolate bombs that melt when it comes in contact with a hot liquid to reveal the hot chocolate within is also an art.

It takes years to master making a perfect chocolate or a perfect cocktail, but this article gives a list of tips that can help you concoct a perfect cocktail that your guest would love to drink.

5 Tips To Mix Alcohol Correctly To Make The Perfect Cocktail

1. Use Expensive Liquor

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When mixing two cocktails together, the usage of premium liquor is of fundamental importance. It is not necessary that the cost of the beverages goes through the roof, but it is essential to invest in good quality liquor if you want a good outcome. Also, it is vital to chill the drinks serving glasses beforehand to ensure the mixed cocktail remains fresh and cool.

2. Use A Good Jigger

A jigger allows you to measure the amount of cocktails quite accurately. Maintaining the right proportions is essential because a single cocktail contains many ingredients, and if the measures are off the balance, the resulting drink will not taste great.

3. Shake The Drink Vigorously

The more you shake the mix of cocktails, the better the outcome. So make sure you shake and mix the cocktails with a lot of ice so that the final taste is great.

4. Know Which Alcoholic Drinks Are Tasteless

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There are two main things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to making a cocktail. One is flavor, and the other is alcohol content. An alcoholic drink that has no flavor is excellent when it comes to mixing. A drink like vodka that has no strong flavor of its own perfectly mixes with all sorts of fruit juices like orange, cranberry, or litchi.

5. Know Which Two Drink Typically Go With Each Other

There are combinations of drinks that go well with each other, and these combinations have been used by people for quite some time. If you want to mix your drinks like a pro, then you must know about combinations like Wine with Gin is a better combination than wine with vodka.

Likewise, colas are equally good with both whiskies and rum, and tequilas go well with Margaritas.However, tonic gives a bitter taste when mixed with gin or vodka. So if you do not want your drink to be bitter, avoid a combo of the tonic with gin or vodka.


Mixing drinks and cocktails can be a fun and exciting activity if you know about the primary taste, color, and aftertaste of the beverages and the cocktails. However, mixing two cocktails without prior knowledge of the components can create awful flavors, and worse still, they can give you terrible hangovers.