Best and Trendiest Pubs and Brewery In Bangalore

Most people when looking for the best bars to have a great time usually think of the kind of drinks they serve, entertainment, space, illumination, but all this is translated into one specific element which is atmosphere. A pub with a great atmosphere will definitely catch a lot of people’s attention and have a lot of traffic. However, it also important to say that all the elements previously mentioned are equally important since the good balance among them will certainly place that Pub among the best ones in Bangalore. So, regardless of your intention of celebrating a great event with your friends, family, or partner; or only to have a good time and forget all the problems of the everyday life, there is a great variety of Pubs in Bangalore and our job is help know which ones the best are.


It is definitely the kind of bar that you’d go if you really want to party and dance all night long. You will certainly have a great time here. It was neatly designed; cozy seats, enormous illuminations, amazing walls. It is the best options to relaxed and let all your problems fade away. You could stay inside and enjoy of a cozier dim-light atmosphere or you could go outside to the brighter part of the bar.

13th Floor

It has a great selection of wines and cocktails. This not only works as a great way to go celebrate with your friends but is also a nice idea if you are looking forward to spending a more romantic time with your special one while enjoying some drinks. Especially if we consider that either early in the evening or later at night, you can enjoy of a great view of Bangalore. They usually have a very interesting selection in music like retro pop, ballads, and lounge mixed which is kept at low levels in order to foster communication and encourage conversations.


It is highly regarded as a simple but very classy kind of Pub. It encourages people to drink, dance, eat, sing, and make new friends 24/7. It was created for people who shared their love for the arts, especially music. This is the main reason that Opus looks almost exactly like a studio. There are paintings adorning the walls and colorful lights that help the atmosphere. All kinds of creative entertaining events are held here. They also encourage karaoke with a mixture of amateur excitement and professional talent, it is worth attending these events and enjoying the music with a drink at hand.

Skyye Lounge

It is very confident to be referred to as the highest and most stunning bar in the city of Bangalore. Skyye lounge is a rooftop lounge that is located inside the UB City. The bar irradiates with ingenuity and creativeness. It has dim neon lights and a lit-up floor. The seating and the dance floor have rainbow colors that help them standout. They usually have art exhibits, book stands, and local stand-up shows among many other performances.