Puzzle Bowls can Help Curb Dog Behavioral Issues

Most animals are very food motivated and our canine companions are no different. Most of them will do anything for a tasty treat or some kibble. Puzzle bowls offer your dog some extra enrichment at feeding times.

It’s important that our dogs feel rewarded for their work even if it’s just at meal times. It helps to prevent boredom which can curb unwanted behaviours.

A puzzle bowl like the Fenrir Puzzle Bowl is a great option to swap out your dog’s regular food bowl for something fun and exciting.

There are other benefits as well and we’ll take a more in-depth look at those below.

Puzzle Bowls can Reduce Negative Behaviour

We all know how intelligent dogs can be. They need to use their brain to be truly happy.

A normal food dish requires no mental energy. A puzzle bowl is a great way to add another game to a normal part of the day.

These specially designed bowls require your dog to solve a maze to get their food. This helps them to expend some mental energy and keeps them from getting bored.

By giving your dog a task and preventing boredom, you’re helping to stop negative behavior. A bored dog may go off to find their task whether it’s chewing on something or digging up your garden beds.

The mental stimulation provided by a puzzle bowl can help to tire your dog out as well, so they’re much less likely to go find something else to do.

Puzzle Bowls can Reduce Bad Eating Habits

Overeating happens to all of us. We’ve all been guilty of overindulging on special occasions. We know we shouldn’t have that third piece of cake or we’ll probably get sick.

Our canine companions don’t have that forethought. We need to help them make good food choices.

A puzzle bowl is a great way to do this. It slows their eating pace which allows their stomach to tell their brain that they’re full. This makes them much less likely to overeat.

If they’re able to tell when they’re full, they’re much less likely to beg for extra food, but their stomach must have a chance to catch up to the amount of food they’re eating.

Curbing their habit of begging can help to reduce canine obesity as well. It can be hard to resist those puppy dog eyes, but it’s part of being a dog owner.

Obesity in dogs comes with a lot of the same problems as with humans like diabetes and heart disease.

Puzzle Bowls can Reduce Age-Related Cognitive Problems

Just like in humans, senior dogs need to stay sharp. By giving them daily puzzles, you help to fight off age-related cognitive dysfunction.

Symptoms of cognitive dysfunction include anxiety, changes in sleep cycles, and behavior changes such as sudden aggression.

Keeping your dog’s brain healthy by keeping them thinking can help slow the progression or even prevent these issues in your dog’s later years.