7 Best Race And Class Combos For Leveling in WoW Classic

If you never played World of Warcraft Classic or as it is more commonly referred to as WoW, opting for a specific class can be an extremely daunting and confusing process, mostly because you won’t know where to begin. This particular video game franchise requires all people to invest a lot of time and effort, and once you opt for a category, you won’t be able to change until you get to level sixty.

Now, the category you opt for won’t really make any drastic changes to how you experience the game, so, if you’re, for example, a relaxed gamer, you might want to opt for a race you like best. However, if you’re planning on playing it seriously, you’ll need to carefully consider which one you’ll choose.

All of this has probably made you wonder – what are some of the best race and class combos that I can choose in WoW? Well, luckily for all people looking for an answer to this question, this article can help. Let’s take a closer look at the list of 7 categories and their perfect matches:

Class 01: ‘Druid’

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When it comes to this particular class, you won’t have a lot of options. They are quite flexible with several specialties, however, there aren’t a lot of species that you could opt for. The one choice you have is the Night Elves, and when talking about the Horde, you could opt for Tauren.

With Night Elves, you’ll obtain +1% Shadowmeld & Dodge, and Tauren will give you an additional +5% War Stomp & Max Health. Now, if you had to opt for one, Tauren needs to be your first choice, however, the variations are thin. The skills are excellent if you like PvP, however, the increased health that you get with the other option is perfect for tanking.

Class 02: ‘Hunter’

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Next comes the Hunter and with it, you’ll have several alternatives, each relying on your own gaming style and inclinations. As mentioned, Night Elves do have the most suitable Base Agility, improved Dodge Opportunities, and Shadow meld, all of which can help you with PvP and PvE. You could also opt for Dwarves since they provide you with +5 Gun Perk and Stone form, however, they are weaker.

If we take a look at the Horde, Trolls might be your best bet when looking at PvE, however, Orcs are the most suitable for PvP situations. Since the trolls have an improved attack rate they can provide you with some amazing damage during your games, but, Orcs offer +25% stun resist, which makes them better for PvP.

Class 03: ‘Mage’

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If you opt for the Mage race, you should definitely choose Gnomes on Alliance. They get an incredible +5% Intellect and more importantly the Escape Artist. Now, although there isn’t a lot to say about Gnomes, the enhanced intellect should always be your first choice if you are thinking about selecting Mages.

Additionally, you could choose Humans, however, the +5% Spirit and boosted Stealth Detection is terrible, which makes the Gnomes a better option. Now, an interesting thing is that you can also purchase boosters that will assist you with leveling up and if you want to learn more about such services, you can visit here.

Class 04: ‘Paladin’

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Since this category is available in Alliance only, there aren’t a lot of choices out there. With it, your best bet would be humans since they provide you with improved mace and sword perks and they also have boosted stealth, which means that they function incredibly well in PvP situations.

Keep in mind, you could choose Dwarves as well, however, they won’t offer as many benefits as Humans do, except the Stone form that a lot of people love. Sure, you could utilize the for tanking and PvP battles, but you won’t be able to reap all the benefits as you would by opting for Humans.

Class 05: ‘Priest’

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The Priests have an entirely separate system with the races you could opt for than the rest of the categories since each race comes with two specific spells. Now, you can opt for any race since they’ll work well, however, Dwarves are the most desirable for Alliance, while Trolls are most desirable for the Horde.

The Dwarves’ have a perk called Fear Ward is incredible in PvP and PvE situations, while the Trolls provide you with a Hex of Weakness. If you make the mistake of choosing the Undead, you should know that you won’t reap a lot of benefits, especially since they cannot and do not offer proper benefits for this class.

Class 06: Rogue

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There is a wide range of options for this category, but, there are 2 races that really stand out from the crowd. For Alliance, your safest bet is Humans since they provide players with the aforementioned +5 Weapon perks. Though it does not look like a lot, it truly offers a big distinction to DPS.

When selecting for the Horde, you could pick Orcs, but you might also want to think about picking the Undead. Blood Fury is basically a DPS improvement, and since the Orcs are resistant to hits, you could pick it for PvP. Additionally, Will of the Forsaken is amazing, nonetheless, Orcs will most likely win out.

Class 07: ‘Shaman’

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When talking about the options you have, there are a few of them. For starters, both Trolls and Orcs will do, but, this will depend on the specifications. For Resto and Elemental Shamans, Trolls are the perfect solution since they offer Berserking, while the features offered by Orcs are Blood Fury and Axe customization are suitable for Enhancement Shamans.


As you were able to learn, there are various classes and races that you could opt from. Of course, it will all depend on your preferences and gaming style, but nonetheless, you can use this helpful guide if you are completely confused and overwhelmed by the number of options you can choose from.

So, now that you are aware of what you could and should choose, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of the article, determine which choice might be suitable for you, and then start enjoying all the wonderful things WoW has to provide you with.