6 Ways to Relax When Traveling Abroad on Business

Many of us want to reach that point in life where we tell others we’re traveling on business. It feels so glamorous to do so and it gives you that hint of success. However, beyond the sugarcoating of this, there’s the “dark secret” of business traveling. You arrive tired and all stressed out at your destination, unable to perform properly. This happens to many individuals and most of them don’t like to admit it. Anyone who traveled abroad for business reasons knows how serious of an issue this is.

Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize the feeling of tiredness, jet lag, and discomfort while traveling and upon arriving. Eager to learn more? Take a look at these six useful tips anyone can implement. All that really matters is a good organization and the right decision making.

1. Avoid alcohol – It’s the most recommended thing but it is bad

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A lot of people will tell you to grab a bottle of alcohol and split it into a few drinks while traveling on a plane or a ship. Well, here’s the thing about alcohol. It will help you short-term, but it will do more harm than good in the long run. Let’s say that you are 24 hours away from a business meeting, so you board a plane and drink a few glasses of whiskey, then you finally arrive at the hotel and now it’s time to rest. You sleep for a few hours and then you wake up with an immense headache and you’re feeling worse than you felt beforehand.

It’s understandable that some people need to calm their nerves, especially before flying, but alcohol is not the most optimal way to do so.

Other alternatives such as music and reading a good book or listening to an informative podcast work so much better and don’t have any negative effects afterward.

2. Try to arrive at your destination a day earlier

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Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Sometimes traveling to a place that’s on a different continent will take some getting used to upon arriving. You need to get used to the climate, to the new time zone, etc… That’s why you need to plan things ahead and leave one day extra in-between the arrival and the business event, whether that be a meeting or a conference.

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Arriving earlier will allow you to settle in better, and get a full night of sleep before you start working. This is crucial if you want to perform better and have that energized look instead of appearing all tired and jet-lagged to others.

3. Prepare earlier than you think is necessary

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Packing is stressful, especially if you need to pack a lot of items. You start to worry about not having enough place to pack everything, extra costs that might occur due to the number of things you’re planning to bring with you, etc… This is why we recommend you start packing earlier than you think is really necessary.

Leaving a few extra days with your bags packed is also a good thing in case you realize that you’ve missed something. It’s much better to think of it late than having to purchase a suit or something similar for a lot more money upon arriving at your destination.

4. Remember that you can purchase time with money

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Time is money and the other way around. You can choose the fastest form of travel, and the fastest route as well, if arriving as early as possible is important for you. If you don’t like traveling then it’s in your interest to minimize the time you’re on a plane or on a ship. Spending an entire day on a ship will just make you more stressed than you were before. Switching five different planes just to save some money is also not a good idea. Get a direct flight if it’s an option, even if it costs slightly more. The time you’ll get as extra due to arriving earlier will help you calm your nerves and get used to the new location before doing business with anyone.

5. Don’t disregard your previous healthy routine even while abroad

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Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you should disregard the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Especially not if you are so used to these two things, because then you’ll just shock the body by taking away something that was included in your daily routine for so long, and now all of a sudden it isn’t. Try to fit in a few exercises and stick to eating healthy, you need the extra energy to perform.

6. Create the perfect music playlist – It helps more than you think

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Music helps us relax, so preparing the right playlist for your upcoming travels is of huge importance. Depending on how long your flight will be, set up a playlist that won’t end in the middle of it. Choose relaxing music, don’t go with anything tense. You can really make yourself feel better with music, and sometimes you are not even aware of the effect a good melody has on our nerves.


Being relaxed while traveling especially if your destination is business-related is of huge importance. When you arrive at the business meeting or the conference, performing at your maximum limit is crucial for success. You shouldn’t feel limited by your lack of rest, jet lag, or anything similar caused by discomfort while traveling.

In today’s article, we listed six really good ways of relaxing while traveling abroad for business-related reasons. We know how important it is to arrive fresh and fully-rested at your destination and impress everyone at that conference. We hope we helped you learn a thing or two and we thank you for the time you took to read this article. Stay safe and stay productive.