How Much does it Cost to Repair a Burst Pipe

by Mitov Mitrovski

A broken water pipe is definitely one of the most serious issues homeowners face. Not only can leaking water have a hazardous effect on your property, but repairing it can also be very expensive, depending on the type and location of the damage.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this problem cannot be avoided. Responsible homeowners inspect their properties on a regular basis, but it seems that pipes usually burst at the worst possible moment. In the following text, we will discuss some of the most common causes and also provide you with some details regarding the estimated cost of fixing this problem.

How do pipes burst?


As you know, there are many potential factors that can cause this problem, and they vary based on your location, climate, as well as other circumstances. For example, the most common cause is freezing. If you live in an area where winter can get pretty harsh, the water in your pipes will freeze. When this occurs, the water puts additional pressure on the pipes that can weaken or crack. Then, when the ice starts thawing, the pipes start leaking. It is as simple as that.

Furthermore, food scraps and other debris can cause a blockage and thus damage the pipes. The only way to prevent this from happening is to regularly inspect the drains and hire professionals if necessary to remove the blockage.

Also, tree roots and near-by construction sites can also cause this problem since these can move fixed pipes, and therefore, lead to damage. Finally, there is also the matter of aging pipes. Copper ones are prone to corrosion, while PVC ones weaken overtime. If you suspect that you may face this disaster soon, you should visit here and investigate the services professionals can provide you with that will prevent this issue from ever happening.

How much does this repair cost?


Naturally, this expense can greatly vary, and numerous factors can affect it. There is the matter of the type of damage and the work that has to be done, as well as the hourly rate of the plumber you hire. Plus, additional fees are always an option. When faced with this issue, your best shot is to hire a professional to fix it, but still, it may be a good idea to some so research and understand the potential cost.

First of all, there is a matter of accessibility. If the pipe is exposed or it is easily accessible, the overall cost will be significantly lower. On the other hand, if they have to tear the drywall, break through the concrete, or even dig a hole in your yard to reach it, you can expect that the fee will be higher, especially if they have to use some additional equipment.

Next, you have to consider the type of damage. We have already mentioned some of these, but as it is to be expected, a plumber will not charge you the same if they have to fix a small pinhole, replace water main, or remove old corroded pipes and install new ones.

Moreover, before you contact and employ a plumber, go over their website to learn what their fee is. Some of them charge hourly rates plus the material used. On the other hand, some have a specific list of services they offer, and the prices are displayed next to them.

Is it an emergency? This is the question you should ask yourself before hiring someone. Some repairs are minor, and they can wait until the morning, or you can manage them over the weekend. However, there are some that require attention immediately. If the latter occurs, you won’t have a choice but to call someone and have them fix the problem as soon as possible. In these cases, you won’t be able to avoid the additional after-hour fee, but you should still inquire about it.

Finally, there is also the question of material. Naturally, if a small pinhole or blockage is a problem, you may not have to invest in new pipes. On the other hand, if the existing ones are damaged or about to crack, you should consult a professional and let them explain the work that has to be done.

Will insurance cover the cost?


If you have homeowner insurance, the cost of repair the problem may be covered by the insurance company. However, you will have to prove that you didn’t cause the damage, and if the water damage is located outside, you will have to prove that it happened due to a burst pipe.

Still, even if you haven’t deliberately caused the problem, it still may have occurred due to your negligence in maintaining the pipes. This is a scenario where the insurance company won’t cover the cost, but instead, you will have to.

What to consider when hiring a plumber?


Lastly, before we conclude this text, let us provide you with some tips on how to hire the right person for this job. The very first thing you have to learn is whether a chosen professional is licensed. You can do this even before contacting them. Every plumber nowadays has a website, and this information is usually available on the initial page. Why is this important? Well, having a license doesn’t only mean that they have been in business for quite some time, but it also demonstrates that they are good at what they do. You should always go with a reputable company, professionals that have a lot of experience, as well as many satisfied customers.

Next, ask if they offer any kind of warranty before you hire them. Many companies do, and this is a great way to protect yourself. If something malfunctions within a certain period of time, all you have to do is contact them, and they will fix the problem or install a new part free of charge.

Finally, do not forget to ask them about the estimated cost. We have already explained to you that many things can affect the final number, and the truth is that it can vary between different companies. So make sure to ask them and learn about any additional costs before formally hiring them.

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