Where is the Safest Place to Stay in LA?

Are you planning to stay in LA but don’t know the safest places in the city? Don’t worry, as we will share some of the safest areas where you can stay without blinking an eye. Security and safety should be the priority to look for while searching for a place to live. It doesn’t matter if you are on vacation, you must know which is the best area to stay.

LA is a beautiful city in California. It is best known for the TV, music, and movie industries. It is a perfect destination for music and movie lovers. Travelers can explore many attractions around the city and enjoy their vacation.

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You might be excited to know about the most trustworthy areas in this fantastic city. So, without further delay, let’s get into it.

What are the best areas to stay in LA?

1. Rolling Hills

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It is one of the most reliable places in LA. This city’s population is small, and there are many schools, universities, local shops, and industries. The crime rate of Rolling Hills is lower as compared to other areas. However, property crime is higher in this area. The people living in this suburb are friendly towards new residents and travelers. You will get proper facilities and will not regret choosing it to stay on your vacation.

2. West Hollywood

It is also known as WeHO and is considered the best locality for staying in. You will discover various restaurants, shopping outlets, and clubs, perfect for social people. West Hollywood is located between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Those who like to enjoy roaming in the streets at night will love this place. Also, safety measures are well-established and followed correctly throughout day and night.

3. Glendale

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Glendale is known for the safety and protection of the residents. One can entertain himself/herself by visiting different local eating outlets, restaurants, movie halls, and shopping malls. Other attractions include LA Zoo, Verdugo Mountain, Norton Simon Museum, and more. Tourists visit Glendale to try some adventurous activities, like hiking, biking, etc. The high-class luxurious apartments make it a standard place to live in the city.

4. Playa Vista

Playa Vista is considered a tech hub because there are many offices for startups like Google, Youtube, and Facebook. You will also save your money because the cost of living is not so high. If you are a professional and looking for an excellent place, Playa Vista is the right choice for you and your family. Tourists visit this area to rejoice in the beachside, admire the beauty of nature, attend music concerts by the sea, and try other fun activities.

5. Marina Del Rey

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You can guess the type of location by the name itself. Marina Del Rey is a peaceful neighborhood in LA. The homes are designed in a way that anyone can enjoy the beautiful seascape from the windows. The quality of security services is excellent in Marina Del Rey, so you should not hesitate while choosing this area for living with family or alone. The surroundings are well-maintained, clean, and green. You can consider living here if you want to admire beauty along with your day-to-day activities.

6. Beverly Hills

You might have already heard about Beverly Hills because it is the most popular destination for tourists and travelers. The lush green landscapes make it a suitable place for nature admirers. The crime figures are not a big concern for the people planning to stay in this beautiful area. You will see luxurious apartments with reliable security and protection measures. Many schools, public libraries, parks, etc., are there to explore for visitors.

7. Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan Beach is one of the most luxurious and extraordinary places in Los Angeles for living. Therefore, the cost of living is higher than in other locations. The tourists visit this beach for seaside activities like surfing, playing beach volleyball, night parties, and more. There are also many schools, restaurants, local shops, etc., in the area. If you want to escape from the city’s hustle-bustle, living in this place is a perfect option. Apart from that, it is the safest place because there is a low crime rate.

8. Westwood

It is an essential neighborhood for students, teachers, and professionals. Westwood is surrounded by good quality schools, colleges, universities. The crime rate is also low, making it the safest among other Los Angeles places. This clean and green location also has various local shops, restaurants, movie halls, so you will get many options to choose from them.

9. Mar Vista

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The people living in Mar Vista are friendly to travelers and new residents. The crime rate is not a concern here. You will find schools, colleges, libraries, parks in this fantastic place. People visit Mar Vista to relish different activities and sports. You will never get bored roaming in the streets as you will meet many people in the locality.

10. Echo Park

Are you looking for a peaceful area to live in the city? Echo Park is the best option for you. It is safe and secure for residents because the number of crimes is low. There are many parks, shops, and restaurants where one can explore and enjoy to the fullest. You can hang out with family and friends during the night without caring about protection.

11. Temple City

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Temple city is another safe area for staying in. You can discover and enjoy street festivals, local markets, shopping outlets in this area.

Final Thoughts

Living and staying in Los Angles is everyone’s dream. It doesn’t matter if you are a traveler or a resident; it is essential to look for the safest places. We hope this article helped you to determine the best option for you. You are always welcome here to get some information about any of these locations.