Samsung Phones and Gears go on Sale on Amazon

Samsung phone sale is from 24th July to 26th July on Amazon.in. The discounts being offered are in the range of INR 2000. Compared to the flash sales and discounts that go live on Amazon.com the discounts offered to Indian users does not seem to be realistic or appealing. With good negotiation skills one can easily negotiate more than 2,000 off on phones at your local Samsung store or local smart phone store.

Samsung Mobile Fest started today on Amazon where a wide range of Samsung mobiles and Samsung Gear are on sale on Amazon. Smart phone that are on sale include – Samsung Tizen Z3, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung S6 Edge, Samsung On7 PRO, Samsung On5 PRO.

Amazon.com parent company of Amazon.in has run in to trouble in the US for misleading discounts and sales. Consumer Groups have accused Amazon of listing the discounts higher for days leading up to the Sale day and than increasing the prices on sale day. Group examined nearly 1000 products and found around 46 products as being listed higher on the sale day compared to previous days.

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