7 Sanitation and Rodent-Proofing Tips for Your House

Rodent control or sanitation is the central issue in most Los Angeles houses. Insects, mice, and rats can cause severe diseases and structural damage to the house and contaminate food. Out of ten, almost seven homes in LA get infected due to rats and mice. Therefore, this city’s rodent or pest control service is quite common. Most people hire certified professionals to free their homes from rodents or insects.

In Los Angeles, the average cost every quarter for pest or rodent control services is around $228, and for weekly, it ranges between $35 & $52. So, if you live in Los Angeles and wish to sanitize your home, you must be prepared to bear this much.

Because LA is a big city, the cost of pest removal and sanitation will differ from area to area. And it is, therefore, important to always look for the most reasonable Rodent Control Los Angeles quote, and you must always choose the most reliable and trusted pest control company, which has years of excellence in providing home sanitization services at economical rates.

Read below to find out the 7 most effective tips.

Tips To Keep Your Home Rodent Proof

Indeed the population of rats or mice will keep increasing in situations with easy access to food and shelter. Storing attractants like food properly, sanitizing outdoor & indoor areas well, and sealing the points of entry, will help eliminate such rodent infestation situations. But it’s better to hire professional pest or rodent control services if you need to know where to start and how to get rid of such a situation. But before that, here are a few tips to prevent your home from rats & mice.

Remove Attractants

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Rats or rodents are often attracted to large areas or contaminated food. So, make sure you always check the areas or spaces in your home that have been vacant for a long time and keep them clean & tidy. Furthermore, never keep your food open or let them rot for a long time. It will help you keep your home rotten-free.

If you are living in a big building with areas like ducts, keep opening such vents to the home closed, as rodents or mice are often found in such spaces. Besides this, if you have a backyard, then make sure to trim plantings regularly and remove debris regularly.

Check Entry Points

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Look around the home, especially the laneway, balcony, or carport, to scan open vents, gaps, or other access points. It is because mice can enter your home even from the tiniest hole. Since rodents are excellent climbers, it is also advisable to scan rooftops.

For interiors, make sure you shift your large appliances and furniture to look for holes or gaps from which rodents, mice, or rats can enter. Furthermore, ensure you keep those areas as clean as possible, so they do not stink. A stinky place in your home attracts rats or mice, and lets mosquitoes or flies sit there. So, always ensure sanitized spaces behind or between large furniture and appliances.

Cover Garbage Cans

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Putting a lid on garbage cans can also keep rats, mice, or rodents away from your home. It is because garbage cans without tops can attract them. They get attracted by the smell of the food or garbage discarded in garbage cans. So to avoid them, you must keep debris covered.

Avoid Storing Contaminated Food & Water

They only store food or water for a short time because they get contaminated. And the scent of such contaminated food & water will attract rodents. Whenever you keep any food, make sure you cover them adequately and consume them timely because rotten food will smell bad and can act as an attractant.

Furthermore, excessive moisture due to water not only attract the pest but also attracts mice. Hence it is essential always to check the areas of containers with excess moisture. Also, take measures to improve your home’s drainage system, especially in the backyard, which tends to remain soggy after rainstorms. Hire a plumber to fix the leakage in your drainage system.

Repair & Exclude

You must closely examine all access points, and for that, you must use exclusion materials such as a heavy wire screening tool that can go deep down the tiniest holes to scan. Furthermore, you might also need a metal mesh to fill gas, cracks, or even holes around pipes. You can hire a certified professional or pest control team for extensive examination.

Cats Can Be Your New Member

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Cats are a significant option/deterrent to keep mice, rats, or rodents away from your home. Cats don’t have to be a good scanner or mouser to scare rats or mice, and their scents can serve as deterrents. So, if you wish to keep rats and mice away from home, introduce a cat as the new member of the house.

Contact Professional Pest Control Team

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There’s a long to-do list when making your home rodent-free or sanitized. If you are uncomfortable handling rodents or rats, someone with no time or material should contact a reliable rodent control or sanitation team. The team will do all your work and make your home rodent-free and sanitized in no time.

Since pest control professionals are used to dealing with infestations, they’ll do your work in just a few hours. They already have all the necessary tools, equipment, and chemicals to seal holes or areas from where mice or rats are likely to enter.

Closing Note

The cost of Rodent control in Los Angeles widely differs. So, as soon as you start seeing the slightest infestation break out in your home, you should hire a certified company that knows how to eliminate unwanted pests and insects. The professionals will provide the best treatments and preventive solutions to protect your home from such unwanted issues. All the tips mentioned above for hiring the most trusted rodent control service provider will help you make a wise decision and save your time & money in the long run.