8 Smart Ways to Save on a Rental Car This Holiday Season

The holiday seasons are full of road trips, travelling, vacations and much more. In such cases, you might require rental car services so you can commute between places easily and faster without relying on public transportation. Also, you get to spend your time alone with your family and friends.

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Further in this article, you will get insights into some smart ways to save money on a rental car this holiday season.

1. Book rental car ahead of time

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If you truly don’t want to sit at home the whole time during the holiday season then better book your car way ahead of time. Everyone will rush for car rental services during the holiday season. The probability of availing these services gets much lower.

Also, sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the high prices. If you are planning for weekend trips, then better book your rental car before without delaying it much.

2. Scout for rental services other than close to airports

Car rentals closer to the airport are usually convenient but very expensive because they have high demand. There are usually plenty of other car rentals which are at a distance from the airport and they are much cheaper and affordable.

You can take a taxi ride to reach out to these locations which are not closer to the airport to save extra money. Also, you can avoid international airports if you have the option. Due to high demand and less inventory, the price for renting a car is always high in international airports.

3. Check prices on online websites

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Before reaching out to any store for renting a car, always visit online rental websites where you can check and compare the prices and book your car at an affordable price. Once you have an idea about the prices you can visit a rental store and check prices there.

There won’t be much difference but you can save some money during your trip this holiday season. Moreover, nowadays almost every rental agency stores have their online websites where you can book or compare prices. You will receive an online receipt that you have to show before picking up the vehicle.

4. Check if your credit card covers rental insurance

Many credit card companies have several tie-ups and partnerships with insurance companies and they provide auto insurance as a reward for your membership. You can save a huge amount of cost on insurance while renting any vehicle.

If you have years of driving experience, then you won’t probably require these. But if you are not much into driving, then it is better to sign up for a collision damage waiver from a reliable insurance agent who will cover the expenses of any damage caused to the card while it was under your possession.

5. Do your research and search for a reliable rental agency

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It is very important to look for a reliable rental agency, especially during the holiday season. There is no guarantee they will deliver the services as promised. If they see any customer paying extra money, they will provide them with the services.

Nobody wants to ruin their holiday season by depending on unreliable car services. Also, reputable rental companies even have extra inventory for customers who need services in an emergency. Their vehicles are also well-maintained and checked after every use. Hence, you can start packing for the trip this holiday season.

6. Look for cancellation options and cancellation fees

There can be an emergency at any point in time and you might have to change your plan or cancel your trip or vacation. Hence, you must always look for online services where you can get the cancellation options and check the cancellation fees you have to charge.

Several rental car companies allow cancellation options and you should prioritize them on your list. Apart from that, there is a cancellation charge that you must pay upon cancelling these services.

If you do your research, you can even find rental services that don’t charge cancellation fees from their customers if you cancel within a specified period. Read the terms and conditions on cancellation before booking your vehicle for this holiday season.

7. Try to avail of free rental car services

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There are several hotels and holiday homes that offer multiple packages and offers while looking for accommodation. Some hotels even provide free rental services or offer a huge discount based on the selection of your package and the offers it provides.

These offers are great value for money and you can enjoy your trip at a much affordable cost. This holiday season before going for the trip do your research and scout for hotels that offer these kinds of packages so you can avail of rental services at a much cheaper cost or even at free.

These hotels have tie-ups with small car services providers who don’t get enough customers and they receive their commission for providing the services.

8. Check for damages before taking the vehicle

You must be aware that if you damage the car while it is in your possession you will have to pay the expenses for the damage to the car service agency. There might be chances the vehicle is damaged before you took it in your possession and in case you ignored that you will have to pay for the damage caused to that vehicle.

Hence, check the vehicle before leaving the parking lot. If you see any dent, scratches, or any other damage with the car take photos from your smartphone and report it to the agency so they don’t charge any additional expenses from you.

The Bottom-line

It is very important to plan your holiday ahead of time. Start your research in availing of all kinds of services so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. These were some smart ways to save extra money on rental cars and enjoy an affordable holiday season.