5 Amazing Secret Spots You Have To See In Bali

by Mitov Mitrovski

The island of Bali is the most popular destination in the Indonesian archipelago. Speaking of Bali, the image of sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the warm sea air – is created in everyone’s mind. Everybody wants to swing in a swing tied between two palm trees, at least once in their life. But what else can you see in Bali and what are the 5 hidden places you must see if your sense of adventure takes you to this paradise island?

Why Is Bali So Popular Among Travelers?

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In recent seasons, this place has become an increasingly popular vacation spot. It has been declared a favorite destination for world travelers. Bali is an ideal place for adventurers and hedonists. It is one of the fascinating destinations in the world. It’s a place where you will experience all the charms of luxury and prestige – but you will enjoy the wilderness and divine beauty of this exotic island. Want to escape to another world where magic and peace reign? Then, don’t waste time but go in search of peace, prosperity, and relaxation, and find a new, different world. A world in which dreams become reality, and body and soul experience their complete transformation and renewal.

A Place Of Peace, But Also Place Of Adventure

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This is an oasis of peace in the heart of Indonesia, which overlooks the ocean – and offers a wide range of attractions, activities, and adventures. This exotic island abounds in wonderful nature, diverse beaches, enchanting landscapes – and almost unreal sights. An irresistible view of the Indian Ocean, beautiful white and black sandy beaches, and green rice fields will give you an experience like you’re somewhere out of this world. Bali, the magic island is an island of special vibration. The peculiarity of this island is its incredible energy – and in Bali, almost everything has a spiritual meaning. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is an incredible number of over 20,000 temples –  which are one of the main attractions on the island. Bali is also called the island of Gods and temples – because, with its cultural and historical heritage, it is tempting adventurers from all around the world. Apart from religion – Bali also managed to preserve tradition through music and dance.

Amazing Secret Spots In Bali That You Must See

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Bali is also popular among young married couples. They usually opt to have their honeymoon here, choosing various places on this island. It all depends on what you want and what you like. Maybe you love beautiful beaches and stretching out in the sun? Then opt for some of the hotel resorts you can find. But what if you’re a more adventurous person? Then, you can read more about Bali, and find a lot of interesting places where you can enjoy a true adventure. This island, which is also called the island of the gods – is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. So if the gods like to spend their eternity in Bali – you will also like to see this place. And now let’s take a look at 5 reasons why so many people are helplessly in love with this island.

1. Culture And Tradition: Festivals

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The beauty you will experience is much deeper than its appearance. Bali preserves so many traditions that are still practiced on this island. Most of the people are still not familiar with the tradition and customs on this paradise island. The locals organize numerous festivities during the year. What you may not have known is that curious visitors can also actively enjoy them. One of the favorite festivals is the Omed-Omedan, a kissing festival that takes place just before the day of silence (Nyepi).

2. Tirta Gangga – A Former Royal Palace

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The attraction that must be found on your list of tours is Tirta Gangga. Tirta Gangga is a former royal palace that is now open to tourists and is a true oasis of greenery and mystique. This place is surrounded by an enchanting garden full of water lilies and fountains –  and you will also see various stone statues. You can also see orange fish in the pools – that will emerge from the pool waiting for you to feed them. After the walk, you may take a break and refresh yourself in the pool.

3. Canyoning

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If the feeling of adrenaline is not enough for you with water sports or a tour of the temples – go to the canyon and there will be even more impressions and emotions! Canyoning includes various methods of descent: jumping from waterfalls of various heights, sliding along stone gutters, etc. Canyoning is an opportunity to take a walk through the wild jungle and gorges, and see some of the most amazing landscapes – and thus touch the world of extreme sports in a completely safe way.

4. A Paradise For Shoppingholics

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The shopping scene in Bali is very famous and you can shop all you want and wherever you want – from old-fashioned markets to modern shopping places. This is a true shopping paradise for visitors from foreign countries – and they can find absolutely everything. This island is famous for the number of dazzling designers and amazing trade – and you can find some of the best things walking along the crowded streets of Seminyak. Models of fashion designers, surfing and swimwear, fashionable jewelry, or homewares – you name it and you’ll find it here!

5. Sekumpul Waterfall

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The road to Sekumpul waterfall is quite steep – but the big advantage is that this waterfall is far from tourist events. This does not fit into the plans of travel agencies – so you will get a chance to enjoy a little wilderness. A nice rule applies here: Whoever is afraid must not enter the jungle! At about 50 meters from the waterfall, you will be completely wet long before you find the right place to take a photo –  but the experience is unrepeatable. We can definitely recommend swimming in the waterfall. The water is a little cold because you are in the north of the island and also quite deep in the jungle. However, for those brave among you, it will be a wonderful experience.


You can visit Bali whenever you want because the weather is always nice and sunny all year round! If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, this is what this beautiful island has to offer. Bali is known to be a very safe area. Tours and tourist excursions are not expensive – and you can enjoy some of the most luxurious meals, beautiful walks, visits to shopping malls, relaxation in spas. So, gather your friends and go to this beautiful island now!

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