Ways to Liven Up Your Self-Care Routine

by Anite Allesis

With everything going on in the world, you have to take time out of the day (or week) to recharge yourself. 

Suppose you’re not taking the time to implement serious self-care. In that case, you might fall into periods of depression, anxiety, or elevated stress levels. 

Many people have never explored self-care. Part of this reason is they feel they don’t have the time, or they do and don’t understand the benefits of self-care. Rna ReSet mentions that today’s world of stress and infection calls for a strong immune system, and many people are unfortunately not getting the building blocks they need to build up their immunity. 

Self-care improves your overall well-being by boosting immunity, reducing stress, anxiety, and much more. You’re probably wondering how soaking in a hot bath with aromatherapy boosts immunity? 

Well, have you heard that stress can kill you and that it’s terrible for your health? 

It’s true because chronic stress weakens the way your body responds to stress. It allows disease and sickness to creep in because your body’s defenses are worn down by constant stress

Nobody wants to live like this, and you don’t have to! 

Here are five ways to elevate your self-care routine. 

1. Explore CBD Products 

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Self-care is about finding some inner zen. CBD enables you to find that feeling of zen with full-body relaxation.

Next time you indulge in self-care, try to add some CBD products to the process. Some people like to use topicals such as bath bombs or body balms. Still, others prefer one-and-done CBD hemp capsules because they keep the good vibes going for a longer duration. You can learn more on cbdfx.com about them! 

Suppose you have a little experience with CBD already and know you need a more substantial serving amount. In that case, capsules are a great option because it’s less hassle, and they’re pre-measured for convenience. 

This is perfect for self-care days because it will last for the duration of your self-care activities. 

2. Take Up a Hobby 

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Sounds remedial, we know, but sometimes it’s refreshing to take up a new hobby. In current times, this can help break up the monotony of being indoors more often and doing the same thing every day. 

Many people have taken up gardening since being indoors more. It’s an enjoyable hobby because it’s rewarding, but by all means, do what makes you happy. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. 

3. Start Journaling

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Put simply, journaling is therapeutic. Sometimes, we have a hard time expressing ourselves and hold a lot of negativity. 

With journaling, you’re freeing yourself from those emotions, which is exceptionally healthy. It also boosts mood, reduces stress, and allows you to stay connected with your feelings. 

Any kind of journal will suffice. The main goal is to let your thoughts and emotions flow onto the page. 

4. Don’t Forget about Sleeping

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We believe this piece of advice is one more from the list that sounds obvious. However, a sleeping disorder is one of the problems that people have. Even if they don’t have any health problems, they are not willing to sleep in the right way. 

First of all, you should not forget that people should sleep between 7 and 8 hours daily. Stress truly is one of the reasons why people can’t sleep. Because of that, we recommend you clear your mind before bedtime. However, sleeping from 2 AM to 10 AM is not going to make you feel rested and it surely won’t boost the quality of your overall health. Because of that, you should start thinking about your night routine and determine a couple of things. 

Despite the stress, some other factors can negatively influence your sleeping routine. First of all, you should not eat late at night. If you go to sleep around midnight, it is recommendable that you eat before 9 PM. Your body continues to digest food while you are sleeping. Because of that, people wake up a couple of times over the night. Despite that, you must avoid consuming products that contain caffeine and sugar. These two things keep you awake and you won’t fall asleep even if you are too tired. 

5. Improve Your “Eating Routine” 

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Eating the right food is not only important for your sleeping. It is also important for your overall health. We understand very well that lack of time is a global problem. People work too much and they don’t have enough time to prepare food. Because of that, we often purchase fast food because it is the most practical solution. However, it is far away from the healthiest meal that you could have. 

It is recommendable that you organize your time better. Tiredness, after you come from work, is not a good excuse for why you are not cooking more. Despite that, you focus your meals on plant-based food. For instance, you should add more fruits and vegetables to your eating routine. In that way, you will add more vitamins to your organism and boost the strength of your immune system. 

6. Work On Your Physical Activity 

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Living without any type of vehicle in today’s world is almost impossible. Almost every family has at least one car in their garage. However, advanced technology mustn’t be a replacement for physical activity. You should add different types of exercising to your daily “to-do” list. 

People usually connect “exercising” with gyms. However, the gym is not the only place where you can improve your body and physical activity. Besides, many people do not have time for that because they work a lot. Instead, you can choose to exercise at home without any equipment. There are many tutorials on YouTube where you can see different exercises good for different muscle groups. 

In the end, walking is also a healthy activity. When you come from work, get rest and organize yourself to go outside. Go to the nearest park or near the river and walk for around an hour. Doing that over the winter might seem tough. However, only a small sacrifice can help you liven up your self-care routine and improve your overall health. 

Things to Keep in Mind

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Self-care is vital to mental health, especially in our current situation. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’ll see that other areas of your life will suffer. 

Whether you take a hot bath with some meditation music or go outside for a walk and get some fresh air, make sure you’re taking time for yourself. 

There’s only one you, so treat yourself!

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