6 Tips for Selling Your Mobile Home Park: What You Need to Know About Negotiating

Owning and renting mobile home parks have been profitable businesses for many people. It is why people choose to buy and sell these mobile home parks. But what one needs to keep in mind while selling them is the price and the need for negotiation. Negotiating the price of a mobile home park helps one in striking the best deal for themselves. It can then help them in making higher profits off of the land.

Before negotiating the prices and the terms and conditions of the sale, it is essential to get to know and find a mobile home park buyer who would be willing to pay the price one asks for the property. Besides the nature of the buyer, there are other things one can do to ensure that they get the best-negotiated deal when they sell their property. Below are some tips are taken from the experts as well as the market to learn how to negotiate for the best price and conditions:

1. Set One’s Priority

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Before figuring out the deal, one should set their priority straight concerning what they would like to achieve through it and what their goals are. For this, one needs to decide whether their priority is selling the property as soon as possible or getting the best price for the property being sold. It is not always possible to get the highest price for a property if one decides to sell their property as soon as possible without knowing the market demand and without getting offers from a lot of people who might be willing to pay more.

2. Do Market Research

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Another thing that one needs to know before negotiating about any goods or services or even the prices of a property is the prevailing market conditions around the items of sale. This can be done through data collection by collecting information about the revenue generated and the costs incurred by different parks in one’s area as well as in other places where such businesses take place. Besides this one also needs to look at the large-scale economics of the business and the demographic of the people one is expecting to target for selling their mobile home park. Along with this, it is also a good choice to know all the different sales data concerning similar properties. This includes the frequency of such sales as well as the prices quoted and finalised by the people transacting.

This information will not only help one in deciding the price that they should sell the property for but will also help in equipping them with all the information they would need while negotiating. Having vast knowledge of the market and the area will help them in bargaining the prices as they would have an upper hand concerning the deal.

3. Have Information about All the Financial Aspects

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Besides knowing about the market as a whole, a seller needs to know all the financial aspects related to the property they are putting up for sale. This involves knowing about all the debts, if any, and other liens that may be there on the property. For this, one can also choose to get professional help from an accountant or a broker. Not only can the help in the collection and consolidation of all the financial aspects related to the transaction but can also help in devising good practices for negotiating and striking a deal suitable for both parties. One can also take professional help from attorneys for this purpose.

4. Have Honest Communication

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One of the very important aspects of negotiating with someone is to have honest and open communication with them. This means that the people who are willing to deal should establish a path for clear communication and should be as honest as they can concerning the property in question. They should also openly talk about the priorities and expectations that they have out of this transaction along with any kind of reservations or restrictions that they might have from their side.

Discussing the timeline of the issue and the sale of the property also helps in knowing the expectations of both parties and finding a common ground between them.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Relevant Questions

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Another important aspect of negotiating includes asking relevant questions that can help one in determining the terms and conditions of the deal. Asking questions can help in clarifying any doubt or ambiguity that any of the parties might be having from their side. This also opens the way for coming up with alternate situations and solutions to any of the problems that might arise during the negotiation. Asking questions is a great way for the parties to come up with a deal that benefits both of them as it helps in clarifying doubts and finding the goals of each of the parties in the transaction.

6. Overcome the Issues by Understanding

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Besides the basic communication with the buyer, there are also bound to be some disagreements between the parties. This is where one needs to be careful and understanding so that one can come up with viable and profitable solutions. One important thing that can be done to overcome such a situation is to make the other party aware of the prevailing market and tell them how the deal one is willing to provide is more profitable and a better option for them. This can be done by telling them certain unique features of the property as well as while listening to their needs and telling them how those needs can be made by the said mobile home park.


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In conclusion, although it can be difficult to strike a deal of selling a mobile home park while also getting the best-negotiated price, there are some ways in which one can benefit themselves. This includes having good knowledge of the market, being honest and open while communicating and being willing to negotiate while keeping the other party in mind.