Shocking News: Salman Khan Quits Dhoom 4 Refusing To Share Screen Space With Abhishek Bachchan!!

According to the previous speculation, Salman Khan was approached for the film “Dhoom 4” by its producer. As the Bollywood action thriller film has completed its previous three franchises successfully, Salman Khan was very much excited to be a part of Dhoom 4 as well. Salman’s only wish was to take the fourth Dhoom franchise to a completely new level! Already, he was stepped in the making of Dhoom 4 as the antagonist! But, if the latest reports are correct, then there is a high possibility of Salman quitting Dhoom 4!!

What’s the main reason behind this big decision?

Well, we all are very familiar with Salman and Aishwariya clash and we also know that any Dhoom franchise is incomplete without Abhishek Bachchan!  According to an entertainment website, Salman Khan doesn’t want to share the screen with Abhishek Bachchan in Dhoom 4. Has Salman’s past relationship with Aishwariya made him take such a big decision? Well, no one but Salman knows the actual reason behind his shocking decision of not to be a part of Dhoom 4 any longer!

It is also being said that Dhoom 4’s directors Maneesh Sharma and Vijay Krishna Acharya aka Victor were penning the scripts of Dhoom 4 and Salman was also in advanced talks to sign up for Dhoom 4. But, things didn’t work well till the end and Salman decided to pass away the offer.

The shooting of Dhoom 4 will commence from next year and within 130 days it will be completed as well. Also, major scenes of Dhoo 4 will be filmed in Dubai. Believe it or not, a reference poster of Dhoom 4 with Salman Khan had even been done! Now, this poster is of no use as Salman has clearly passed away the offer!

Has Salman’s ugly past with ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made him change his ultimate decision? Apparently, Salman refused to shoot with Aishwarya’s husband Junior Bachchan or Abhishek Bachchan. The insider has also revealed that the writing team was blowing their minds out to make some creating changes in the script.

What’s up next?

With Salman’s exit, the producers of Dhoom 4 are planning to approach either Ranbir Kapoor or Shah Rukh Khan for Dhoom 4. As both of these actors are now high-in-demand in the industry, they can add their own x-factor into the film. Now, we all have to wait for finding out who is going to be in Dhoom 4 finally!

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