Shujaat Bukhari Murder: Are Hurriyat ISI Behind It?

  • Shujaat Bukhari was in support of a peaceful and independent Kashmir at a Track-II event. However, this didn’t seem to go well with the terror outfits or Pakistan’s army-ISI.
  • According to sources, Bukhari was an active supporter of peace acts and initiatives like “Ramzan Ceasefire,” and this was the reason that led to problems between him and the people representing the Pak side

NEW DELHI: Murdered Shujaat Bukhari was in strong support of the initiative of “Ramzan ceasefire.” This support of his caused rage among the ISI and Hurriyat, as Bukhari did not consent with them and did not support them and refused to oppose the initiative.

Bukhari was forced and pressured by the separatist hardliners to concur with their opposition to any peace initiatives, and he was pushed and pressurized through a very bitter and spiteful campaign against him. Bukhari has edited “Rising Kashmir” on social media pages, reported well placed inside sources.

Bukhari was constantly being attacked on social media for his acts of supporting peace in Kashmir. Confirming the view that the attacks made on social media might be a pointer to the growing rage against him, the police sources of Jammu and Kashmir reported that Bukhari was warned almost a month ago before the deadly attack on him and was also asked to stay put and watchful of his activities and movements.

The state police are suspecting that one of the murderers caught on the CCTV tape is a LeT terrorist, Naveed Jatt, who while being taken for a check-up to Srinagar hospital had escaped from the police. An officer also said that they suspect that ISI might have instructed Lashker-e-Toiba to get rid of him.

Shujaat Bukhari’s brother, Basharat Bukhari is a minister in the state government, and the warning that was given to Shujaat was also shared with his brother. Shujaat and a few others were called “stooges of pro-India” on social media and were also suspected to be linked with security agencies.

The police enquired from Shujaat’s family if his security was up-to-date and reviewed after he received the threatening posts on his social media and he was also asked to take extra precautions to stay safe and mindful by the police personnel.

The rage of a Pakistan-based constituent was invoked by Bukhari’s active participation in the Track-II event. Pakistan army and terror outfits like Hizbul Mujahideen did not like Shujaat Bukhari’s decision of advocating for a peaceful and independent Kashmir at a Track-II event that took place in Dubai and backing Indian government’s peace activities that were taking place in Kashmir.