What Are the Side Effects of Vaping Nicotine?

Vaping is a very popular trend in recent years, especially among younger generations. The tobacco industry is switching to electronic cigarettes and we can see a lot of new products available on the market these days. Some of the main reasons why so many teenagers are attracted to vaping are the attractive appearance of vapor and the unique design of vaping devices. Moreover, the main advantage of vaping is that it already motivated many people to start smoking cigarettes that are causing some serious health issues. The great thing is that there is a global campaign that is effectively motivating people to quit this bad habit.

On the other hand, you have to know that vaping is not completely safe as well, and you can visit vapingvibe.com to read more about the side-effects of vaping. Moreover, since most types of vaping devices still contain nicotine, they can be as addictive as cigarettes, and there are many cases where people never manage to quit smoking because of that. Also, the big issue is related to a younger population because there is a rise of young people who are vaping actively. Here are some of the most important side-effects that you should know about before vaping nicotine.

Dry Mouth

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This side effect is well-known among smokers and people who vape. The reason why vaping is causing this is that there are some ingredients in the liquids like vegetable glycerin which is causing dry mouth. The best way to deal with this problem is to use some rinse product and to drink more water. Also, excessive dryness might be a sign of various health issues.

Sore Throat

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This is a common issue related to both cigarettes and vaping devices. The best way to avoid this while vaping is to inhale a lower amount of vapor and choose the type that suits you the best. Also, you should avoid menthol and similar flavors if you have a sensitive throat. Moreover, if you have a constant problem that is increasing over time, you should visit your doctor for an examination.


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This is usually an issue for beginners and it should not last for a long time. However, if you notice that you are coughing all the time you should consider stopping this habit. On the other hand, if your coughing is becoming more serious over time, you should visit your doctor because it might be an indication of some more serious health issues. Vaping can be dangerous for your lungs which means that you should control the amount of vapor.


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It is crucial to pay attention to the amount of nicotine in your liquid since taking too much of it can cause headaches and dizziness. The main problem is related to beginners who are not so familiar with the proper determination of the right amount of nicotine. In that matter, you should ask someone with more experience or read online reviews to learn more about the safe amounts of nicotine in these devices. If the problem continues, you should try some liquid that doesn’t contain nicotine.


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Even though it is a rare case that any tobacco product can increase or cause anxiety because most people are using them to be more relaxed, smoking or vaping too much can cause nervousness and anxiety. Vaping can easily become a serious issue if someone gets addicted to it, especially in the case of those products with higher amounts of nicotine. Therefore, you should use the advantage of vapes when compared to cigarettes, and control the intake of nicotine in your blood.

Weight Oscillations

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It is common for people who quit smoking to gain more weight over a short time. The main reason is that they will become more impulsive and nervous and the best way to deal with that is to eat a lot of snacks and drink beverages full of sugar. On the other side, both cigarettes and vapes can cause weight loss since they can decrease appetite. For example, if you choose some special flavor instead of original tobacco, there is a great chance that will have decreased the need to eat snacks.


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Nausea is common for people who don’t pay attention to the amount of vaping, especially when you are vaping the liquid that contains nicotine. This ingredient is very addictive and can cause various issues to the blood pressure, heart, lungs, and brain. Therefore, you have to be sure that the amount of it is not too high. On the other side, when you manage to control its levels, there are various benefits as well, like being relaxed, focused, and more.


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The main reason why people who are vaping more often will get tired much easier than those who avoid any tobacco products is that it can decrease the capacity of your lungs. Also, nicotine is decreasing some of your functions as well by making you much more relaxed. It is essential to control the amount of vapor and avoid excessive intake of nicotine liquid. Also, you should research the market and try to find the most suitable product.

Damaged Lungs

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This is the most serious problem and it can be caused if you vape and smoke without any control and for a long time. Vaping can indeed be relaxing and satisfying, but you should be aware that some of these side-effects could cause some serious health issues like asthma, bronchitis, and even cancer. The chances to get lung cancer from vaping are much smaller than with cigarettes, but you vaping high amounts of liquids full of nicotine could cause it as well.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is a great way to quit smoking or to have a break at work. However, before you buy your first vaping device, you should learn more about all of the potential side-effects and how to prevent or deal with them. Also, the market is full of various vaping products. Therefore, you should research it before deciding which one to buy.