7 Common Signs of a Bad Online Casino

by Mitov Mitrovski

When it comes to brick and mortar casinos, you usually don’t have much to worry about whether they are good and safe. You would not go to some obscure places, but to some of the most famous ones, where it would be clear to you that there can be no such casino that is illegal. However, as online casinos have become popular, there are significantly more suspicious places where you can be deceived or you may have a very bad gambling experience. Online casinos have certainly brought a lot of improvements, but you have to be very careful.

The reason is some of them do not have good intentions. And that’s hard to estimate because all you see is the interface, which can be very well made. It is not a problem for them to make their site look like some of the best online casinos. However, in order not to invest your place in a bad or unverified place, read what are the common signs of a bad online casino.

1. Suspicious license

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Everything related to gambling is very clearly regulated by law. That is why you should absolutely avoid places that have a suspicious license or do not have one at all. While having a license does not guarantee that everything is perfect, you certainly never enter money in places that do not have a license at all. Or they are licensed by some organizations you have never heard of. You should know exactly which reliable licensing bodies are and only their licenses have value. There are different opinions as to which license is most valuable, but it is important that you know which ones are reliable. Only then will you know that your money will not be stolen. There is certainly a strong reason why some website does not have a license or looks like a fake one.

2. Vague terms and conditions

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Although you are mostly used to not even reading the terms and conditions, just clicking accept, you must not make that mistake here. It’s okay to do this when you use a Facebook account to join a video game, but you must not do it somewhere where you will use your money. You have to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and pay additional attention if it is too long and has a lot of weird parts. When we say weird parts, we mean vague parts and many different clauses that allow them not to pay you money. That it is long doesn’t necessarily have to be a cause for concern, it is just important to check if it is long because the have made an effort to address every potential thing or just to demotivate you to read. Terms and conditions are actually the contracts you sign with them. We believe that you will now be more careful when you perceive it as a contract, and not something insignificant.

3. Bad reviews

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Bad as well as positive reviews do not always have to be completely authoritative. But they are usually accurate, especially if there are plenty of them or if you have read a review on a trusted site. Be sure to check out Google reviews as well, because a lot of people give ratings there. Pay attention to whether the ratings were given by people who have ratings for other sites or it is the only one. If you see that this is their only one, it is very possible that these are fake profiles, made with the aim of just reviewing that casino. Whether it is a positive or negative review, it then cannot be considered a reliable review. So do your homework and research in detail. We advise you to visit here and read very reliable reviews.

4. Eyebrow raising bonuses

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Bonuses are something that all casinos have, whether online or not. Online casinos even have more bonuses than brick and mortar ones, because they have lower costs, so they are able to offer higher bonuses. And that is certainly something positive. But don’t fall for bonuses that are unrealistic. If the bonuses are too big and they send them to you all the time, it is very possible that their intentions are not good. If the bonuses are obviously unprofitable for the casino, that can only mean two things. Either it’s a scam or their business is doing so poorly, so they are trying in every way to attract people. And there is certainly a reason why their business is so unsuccessful. Some of the reasons can be a bad interface, uninteresting games, problems with a site that is often offline, and the like.

5. You receive spam messages in your email inbox

We are all used to receiving a lot of spam messages in our inbox, which the email automatically tries to filter. These are mostly some unimportant things that we once signed up for the newsletter and then forgot to unsubscribe. However, if an online casino sends you spam messages, that is not a good sign. This is a sign that they are very unprofessional and probably not worth your time nor money.

6. Poor customer support

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Customer support is one of the basic services that separate good and bad companies in every business, so this one is no different. It is essential that they have 24/7 customer support because you never know when you will need help. If you see that they do not have it, but that they only have a chatbot, and that you contact the customer service for more details during business hours, give up on that casino immediately.

7. Payment issues

Source: medium.com

If they are constantly having problems with payouts or you are waiting for weeks for payouts, it means it is a bad place to gamble. It is also essential that they have different payment options. If they have only one and that is one that is not among the most famous, it is very suspicious. Also, check what amounts you can withdraw, because you may not have read that these are only large amounts, which you probably won’t get.


Each of these signs, and especially more of them, is a clear reason to skip that online casino and keep looking for someone better.

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