What Size Water Heater Should You Get – 2023 Guide

Water heaters are an essential part of one’s house, especially during the winter. This is especially true with locations where the weather remains considerably cold. Although a water heater has a simple function, it is essential in having a more comfortable bath or shower time and also aids a lot of other functions like household cleaning and doing dishes. But as water heaters are electrical equipment, it is necessary to know what kind of water heater one should buy based on their requirements and overall budget as it is a great investment for many.

There are many factors that one needs to consider before buying a water heater. It includes the capacity, energy efficiency, water pressure, the type of water heater and after-sales services that the company provides. Besides this, one of the things that one should keep in mind while looking for water heater options is to know the size one wishes to buy for themselves and their home. The perfect-sized geyser would be able to fulfil all the warm and hot water needs of a family, including bathing, household cleaning, washing clothes and doing the dishes. Overall there are a variety of factors which may ultimately help one in choosing the perfectly sized water heater for them. The following are some factors which should be kept in mind while choosing the size of the heater:

1. The Size Of The Family

One of the biggest factors to consider while buying a water heater is the size of the family or the total number of people who would be taking bath using the hot water from the geyser. It is quite a simple concept, the smaller the family, the tinier can be the geyser. For someone who lives alone, a geyser of the smallest size like an instant geyser can be a great option. It will also be suitable for people who live with their partners or a roommate. For 2 to 3 people, a capacity size of 5 to 10 litres would be suitable. Whereas for a family of three to four, a water heater with a capacity of 15 litres would be more suitable. And for a family of more than five people, it is advisable to get a geyser with a capacity of more than 20 litres.

2. The Various Uses Of Hot Water At Home

In many households, geyser water is not only used for taking a bath. People require geysers for heating water for different purposes like cleaning the house or doing the dishes. This is why one might need multiple small heaters or one big one at their home. This is especially true for families as they are usually the ones who use warm water for different purposes. Hence even for a family of 4 a bigger geyser of around 20 litres capacity might be used if there have to be multiple uses for it. Or, one can invest in a common geyser for bathing and cleaning along with fixing a smaller heater like an instant geyser in the kitchen to do the dishes.

3. Budget For The Purchase

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Another factor that can impact the size of the water heater one might want to buy is the budget that one has. People with a lower budget might want to stick with a smaller geyser of capacity up to 10 litres or whatever they find more economical. On the other hand, people who have no budget restraints can buy the perfect water heater suited to their requirements and family size irrespective of the budget. It should be ensured that if one has the budget to invest in a good quality geyser, they should go for more electronically economical models that are energy efficient. Although they might be pricier, they will help in keeping the electricity bill comparatively low in the long run.

4. Time Constraint

For families, it is usually easier to turn on the geyser at the right time so that everyone can take their bath. But this is not always the case when one lives alone or with just one roommate. People with a busy schedule and bachelors, in general, prefer water heaters that heat the water instantly without having to keep them turned on beforehand. This is because it helps them in managing their time. For such a demographic, instant heaters are proven to be the best. They are smaller in size so are mostly only recommended for people who live alone or with a partner or roommate. And although they are not the best options for a larger family, they can be installed in family homes for any emergency.

5. The Size Of The Bathroom

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The size of the geyser one chooses for their home also largely depends on the size of the bathroom. One cannot fix a very large geyser into a small apartment bathroom as it would not be feasible. Instead, they should go with a smaller size geyser with a lesser capacity according to the size of their bathroom. In cases where the bathroom is very small but the family size is large, one should look for alternative places near the bathroom where the geyser can be fixed so that such an issue can be tackled.


Water heaters are very important to take a comfortable bath and hence one should invest their money in buying the perfect sized water heater for them and their family. A good-sized geyser should have the capacity enough to fulfil the requirements of all the members of the house while also being sufficient enough to be used for household work like cleaning, washing clothes and doing the dishes. Besides focusing on the size and capacity of the geyser, it is advisable to choose geysers that can be fixed easily in one’s home, are energy efficient and are fast depending on the requirement of the individual. Using the above criteria, one can decide for themselves what seems to be the best fit for daily use.