Solve OnePlus 6, OnePlus 3 and OxygenOS, 3T Quick Battery Draining

by Munira Qaid Johar
  • The Progress was described on Twitter and One Plus forums.
  • Some users of One Plus 6 have reported the continuous drain in the battery capacity of their smartphone while others stated up to 50% diminish in the battery life of this handset.
  • The Company declared to settle the issue as soon as possible.

Chinese Company that designed One plus 6 and launched it almost a week ago has introduced the latest flagship of One Plus device namely OxygenOS. As per the reviews of OxygenOS Smartphone users, though the device is well-designed, contains useful software customizations, and has shown an excellent performance, it is neither compatible with wireless charging option nor has the weatherproofing features. Apart from that, the users of the same are recently facing hurdles to operate and use the device for a long duration as its battery is reportedly draining faster than the expected time.

As per the recent news, various users have filed a report regarding the matter in OnePlus forums. According to their reports, the battery capacity of OxygenOS has decreased up to 50 percent. Besides this, the users of OnePlus 3, OxygenOs 5.0.3 (launched in Nay 2018), and OnePlus 3T units are also dealing with the same issue. There are hundreds of reports claiming the battery draining matter in the forums. However, this problem has also become viral on Twitter as the users have commenced talking about the issue in their respective Twitter account.

According to the comments noticed on Twitter, the chief cause that has led to the battery drain issue is the display screen of the device.  One of the user’s complaints that the SoT (screen on time) of OxygenOs that was previously set at 12 hours has now diminished to 6 hours. In some of the cases, the display is consuming around 45% of the battery of the device. Shutting down the Ambient Display has sorted out this issue to a great extent for some of the users whereas others are complaining that data usage is the primary source of decreased battery capacity.

A comment on the Forums and Twitter account are also posted regarding the arrival of the fix coming soon but the news has not been officially declared or confirmed. OxygenOS was introduced the last week as the resolution for various bugs. It enables optimization for call quality, patches for the bootloader error, and other such vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, these issues are also filed by the OnePlus3T users reporting that their battery drains within 3 hours of charging their device. Some users experience the issues even after updating their device to OxygenOS 5.0.3

It is highly recommended to avoid updating your OnePlus handset to OxygenOS 5.1.8 as the updates have not found to be effective enough in resolving the issue.

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