Sony Is Working Towards Replacing The Xperia Home Launcher With A New Android Launcher

  • Sony is working towards developing a new Android launcher
  • The new launcher is going to be the cause for the discontinuation of the Xperia Launcher
  • The launcher is anticipated to showcase features of Android P like control gestures

Sony is now planning on introducing a new launcher for their handset series Xperia models, and therefore has decided to discontinue the existing Xperia Home launcher to pioneer the setup of a new launcher. Sony, the Japanese giant company, recently made an announcement that the decision to suspend the existing launcher is a “business decision” and soon after that the big revelation was made. The company plans on putting away the current Xperia Launcher on to a “maintenance mode” and is also planning on putting an end to the community of Xperia Home beta, in the upcoming weeks. Alongside, the existing Xperia launcher is going to be replaced by a new home app on the devices. Just like Android P- the new app is expected to introduce gesture controls. The new change is also likely to help Sony smartphones withstand the competition they face in the market with devices running Edge Sense 2, Samsung Experience 9.0, and LG UX 6.0, by making the interface of-of Xperia phones more attractive.

“We are looking forward to developing a new Home Application for our devices, and that is the reason behind the discontinuation of the feature development on present Home Application of Xperia,” said Erika Prymus, the moderator of Open Beta Community of Sony’s Xperia, in a Google+ post.

Prymus don’t yet reveal the kind of new features that the new launcher app is going to be coming up. However, one of the new feature on the app might be the inclusion of gesture control, like that of Android P, reported a post on The introduction of the gesture control feature on Xperia devices will pave the way for better and improved design in new devices with a thin-bezel display. The devices will then be a match to some of the latest flagship offerings.

Sony has not yet revealed the schedule for the launch of the new launcher app. However, judging the statement made by the moderator on the forum, it can be anticipated that the app will be coming out in the coming months.

Samsung, earlier this year launched Experience 9.0, the upgrade to its existing launcher, with incredible new features, a list of modifications, an improvement in the current keyboard and a load of new emojis, in contrast to the Xperia Home launcher, which has not received any significant update in the recent past.

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