Spend an Active Weekend Vacation in Prescott Valley

by Marco P.

Have you planned to travel this weekend? If so, a great solution is a trip to Prescott Valley. This is a suburb of Prescott and is a great location that can offer you great adventure and unforgettable vacation. However, is there any way to enhance your weekend vacation in Prescott Valley despite the beautiful scenery and the many tourist attractions? Surely there is, and we have a great suggestion. Most tourists who choose a weekend vacation would instead rest than do something because it’s a vacation, after all, right?

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But a better solution is an active weekend vacation, which involves more activities that can also be relaxing. For example, Prescott Valley area is also home to the Prescott National Forest, one of the most beautiful forests in the United States. This forest is very interesting and offers amazing content to its visitors. Also, it is close to Hampton Inn Prescott Valley hotel (read more here), which is one of the best in this area and is also our recommendation. As we said, Prescott Valley has a lot to offer its visitors, so we’ve decided to bring you a few things to do when you are on a weekend vacation here. Read below more about it.

Visiting Fain Park Is Great for All Hiking Enthusiasts

If you love hiking and spending great time spent in nature but also historical sites, visiting Fain Park is the right solution. This place is one of the most beautiful in the area of ​​Prescott, and there is no doubt that many visitors love nature in Prescott Valley. In addition, Fitzmaurice Ruins are a very important place to keep in mind. That’s where the Patayan civilization used to live 14,000 years ago. All in all, Fain Park is a great place to visit and has a lot to offer.

Great Time on Many Hiking Trails in Prescott Valley

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Prescott Valley nature is truly beautiful, and there is no doubt that the landscapes will completely impress you and make you come back again. One of the best ways to see the beauties of Prescott Valley is by hiking on numerous trails. Granite Mountain Trail 261, Constellation Trails, Prescott Peavine National Recreation Trail, or the very popular Thumb Butte Trail 33 are the most common visitors’ choices. For example, the Thumb Butte Trail 33 is the most popular hiking trail and is 2.5 miles long. If you are lucky, you may see deer or some other species characteristic for this area. Also, the view from this trail is breathtaking and perhaps the most beautiful in all of Prescott Valley.

Relaxing at The Prescott Valley lakes

So, if you like to spend the holidays in nature, maybe camping, one of many lakes in Prescott Valley is a great choice. Among the most attractive ones is Goldwater Lake, which is great for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking enthusiasts, Watson Lake, which offers similar activities as well as jogging, riding and cycling trails, or perhaps Lynx Lake located in Prescott National Forest. Lynx Lake is surrounded by pine forests that create a relaxing atmosphere while the activities available are pretty similar to all other lakes mentioned.

All in all, these are the most interesting activities and locations that a large number of tourists visit each year. There is no doubt that you will spend an unforgettable weekend vacation in Prescott Valley and that you will have wonderful memories.

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