Sports Betting Guide for Beginners

Even though there are many online casinos where players can find thousands of games with HD quality and immersive sound effects, most people prefer betting on sports, especially if they have a favorite team.

If you are a sports fan and want to bet, you should choose one of the many online bookmakers. Almost all of them will allow you to choose from multiple sports and cool betting features that we will talk about in just a minute.

Since online betting is so prevalent in the last couple of years, many new punters have decided to make their first steps in this industry. That’s why we’ve chosen to create this short sports betting guide that will try to help those who don’t have any experience. You can go through it even if you have previous betting experience because you could learn something new.

Choose the right sport


If you don’t have a favorite sport or you just don’t know what to bet on, you have to take a look at the sportsbook and choose one of the available options. Don’t forget to read the latest vital information from, especially if you are interested in football.

There are many things that you need to consider when choosing a sport. Besides the available markets and the odds, you also need to think about the potential events you will bet on. If you want to have loads of options at your disposal, you should choose a sport that has regular tournaments (in other words, pick one of the more popular options).

Don’t forget to search for more information about each sport that you are interested in.

Learn more information about the most popular betting markets


If you’ve chosen a good online betting website, you will probably have access to loads of different markets. Some of them will be available across multiple sports, whereas others can be found only on some of them. For example, each eSports title has unique markets that you won’t be able to use on any other sport.

Before you choose one of them, you have to learn how they work. Some of them, such as 1×2 or Full-Time Score, are pretty simple because you just have to choose which team you think will win. Alternatively, you can also bet on a draw.

Unfortunately, there are some markets that are pretty complicated, such as the Asian Handicaps. Some bookmakers are aware of the fact that most new customers won’t know much information about these options, which is why they often include a brief explanation of how it works.

Choose a good bonus


After you’ve chosen a sport and a market, the next thing that you have to do before making a deposit is going to the bonus section. Unless you’ve chosen one of the few betting websites that don’t have any promos, you will probably have access to loads of different bonuses.

If you haven’t played on a specific gambling operator before, you will be eligible to receive the welcome bonus. Typically, this reward gives customers a lot of bonus funds, and in some cases, free bets. So, head over to the bonus section and take a look at everything that’s currently available.

Once you find an offer that you are interested in, go through its T&C and look for the minimum deposit requirement. Although some offers can be used for free, you probably won’t have access to them because they are pretty rare.

While you’re reading the conditions, you need to check whether you have to avoid using a particular payment option, what is the rollover requirement, how much time you have to use the given bonus, and whether you are allowed to wager on your favorite sport.

Take a look at the live betting section


Apart from placing pre-match bets, you should also visit the live betting section. Most bettors prefer placing live bets because they are way more exciting. Furthermore, bettors usually have access to many other betting markets.

However, we do not recommend placing live bets unless you follow a specific sport closely. Even though the markets and the odds are lucrative, there is no point in betting on something you don’t fully understand.

Besides all of the additional opportunities, the live betting section also allows customers to use some of the betting features. We will share a few words about those things in the following paragraph.

Learn to use the different betting features


One of the things that make betting on sports so enjoyable is the fact that you can use various betting features. There weren’t that many options to choose from a few years ago, but today, people have access to all sorts of features that will allow them to have way more fun while betting.

It should be noted that some options are available on pretty much every betting website, but at the same time, many bookies create their own specialties. The most widespread one is Cash Out, which is a feature that allows punters to settle their bet even if the match is not over yet. This means that you can potentially save some of the money you’ve used to place the bet. However, you may not be allowed to make use of Cash Out in some cases, especially if you are using a specific bonus.

Read betting tips


Lastly, make sure you read as many betting tips as possible. If you want to learn more information about a particular match, you will probably find different betting predictions. There is a pretty good chance that most of them won’t be good, but you could find several useful tips that will help you a lot.

Besides learning more information about specific teams or players, these tips might also go through the different markets and betting features that you should use for the particular match. Before you read anything, make sure that the betting tip is written by someone who has a lot of online gambling experience.