Sports Legends we will miss in 2019

2018 saw the demise of many famous personalities including that of sports. These sports personalities put a lot of efforts in their concerned fields to be now recognized as legends. Be it speed, agility, memory, strength, alacrity or zeal – they are at par excellence and stand apart from the crowd. Here is the list of some amazing sports legends we will miss in 2019.

Chameka Scott

Native of Texas area, Chameka Scott played at her school from 2002 to 2006. In 2005, in her junior year she averaged around 8 points and 4 rebounds and went on to win national title for women’s basketball with the Baylor University.  She was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 after a colonoscopy. She initially had a surgery done on her to remove the blockage found during the colonoscopy. She was thought to have recovered from the ailment but unfortunately the cancer caught back and the world lost this amazing sportswoman in January, 2018 at a mere age of 33.

Rasual Butler

The American Basketball player, Rasual Butler led his 14 years career at the prestigious National Basketball Association (NBA). During this time he also played for various teams like San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets. Rasual retired from his career during the end of 2015-16 season. In January, 2018, Butler and his wife Leah LaBelle who was an R&B singer were driving in the Ranger Rover when Rasual lost control of the speeding car and met with an accident. The couple died instantly in the terrible incident

Jarrod Lyle

The Australian golfer, Jarrod Lyle played several seasons on the PGA Tour. During 2008 Nationwide tour, the professional golfer went on to win championship twice that of the Mexican Open and the Knoxville Open. He was also a runner-up in the Xerox-Classic. At the age of 17, Jarrod was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and had taken chemotherapy treatment for the same. The leukemia caught up in 2012. Lyle was taking treatment during the year 2017 which he gave up a year later and went for palliative care. He died in August 2018 and is survived by his wife and two daughters.

Edwin Joseph Jackson

Edwin, merely 26 years old during his death had just begun his career as a footballer in the National Football League (NFL). In May 2015, he had signed up as an undrafted free agent with the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. Later in December, 2015, he signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

Not just football, but Edwin was a champion at wrestling as well. He was a finalist for the state wrestling champion in the Atlanta’s Westlake School. On February 4, 2018, he was killed by a speeding pickup truck while he was standing by the side of the road.

Stanley Mikita

Stanley was a Slovak-born legendary Canadian ice-hockey player. He was at the peak of his career during 1960s and played for the National Hockey League team of Chicago Black Hawks. As recent as 2017, NHL released the 100 Greatest NHL Players list to commemorate its 100th anniversary and Stanley was one among them. In 2015, Stanley was suspected of a progressive disease called Lewy body dementia which eventually worsened and became the reason for death in August, 2018.

Jhoon Rhee

Jhoon Rhee is another legendary person who went on to introduce Martial Arts to the USA and is now known as the ‘Father of American Taekwondo’. Born in Korea, he grew up to become the South Korean master of Taekwondo. Jhoon was posthumously ranked 10th dan taekwondo. In 2007, Rhee was inducted in the Taekwondo Hall of fame. The ultimate Black belt master died at the age of 86 in August, 2018 due to long term illness.

Ray Wilson

Ramon Wilson, famously known as Ray Wilson was an exemplary English footballer. Wilson played several International tournaments in England team during 1960 to 1968 and won several matches. He was also a member of the England team that went on to win 1966 Football World Cup. Wilson’s career ended due a severe knee injury in 1968. Ray Wilson was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for 14 years, before he finally died in May, 2018.

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