Best Sports to Bet on To Maximise Profits – 2021 Guide

by Anite Allesis

Sports betting has become more widely available to everyone now with bookies pushing hundreds of different markets to us punters to make our moves. However, from our experience, we have found some sports more profitable and, in essence, funnier to bet on, and we put this down to a number of factors including online coverage, variety of betting, and information available – we assess some of the biggest sports today.



Football and/or Soccer is, of course, one of the most popular sports in the world and quite easily one of the most-watched. The number of viewers and people engaged with it makes it one of the most accessible sports to bet. It’s all thanks to it being all around us as the coverage is enormous. The variety of football markets is broad as well and can be tied in with other games and accumulators to increase odds in your favor. Finally, the information available for football betting and tipping is vast; you can’t go on the internet or twitter without seeing someone tip football on the weekend.

If football is your betting sport of choice, then you probably tried out all available offers. But if it’s not, and you can’t find something worth trying out, listen to us. Were you looking to try out your newfound information to bet with? Why not check out these betting sites not covered by government schemes such as Gamstop that will limit your gambling fun. These sites have seen a surge in numbers during 2021 due to the lockdown and have ridden the wave by offering and enticing new customers with unbeaten sign-up offers and bonuses.



The next big sport that we have been betting on recently and winning bit has been Tennis; although not as big as a football, the markets are still endless for this sport, with you virtually being able to be on each point as it’s played. Knowing this, you can judge the moment in which a particular player is in rich form and is worth your backing. The coverage is decent too, with streams online and on terrestrial TV quite frequently, so it can be found quickly to bet on.

MLB Baseball


Baseball has been a bookies favorite for a long time now. While Europeans are still baffled with it, it’s quite common to be involved with this sport in the US. Bookmakers and punter both love it, and there’s the simple reasoning behind it – data back it. You won’t find a sport which is data-drive as much as this one. With the explosion of the Internet and high-end computers, the data tracking reached a new high this year. This is why every serious man eager to bet on baseball needs to have a strong computer by its side.

The betting on baseball is multidimensional. You can base your bets looking only at pitchers. This is where your knowledge of innings, walks, and pitches come in-game. You can bet only on one player, on his average slopes, and wins he’s going to bring to his team. It all can be done if you have the date on your hands. The data we’re talking about is everywhere, so you can’t blame anyone for the loss but yourself. The bookmakers have no issue with this, as your average bettor will not spend hours processing the data, which is why the money will keep coming their way. But, this is also what makes huge winnings for you possible. It’s a gamble, after all.



As we said, technology advanced to the point we today have simulated games. This is what eSports are made of, and as soon as they appeared, people wanted to bet on it. It lacks the common logic, but it’s here, and it’s real. The number of bets on virtual sport is growing every day, and the trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. The one thing the layers can take advantage of is the fact that this niche is still young. While they’re working on fixing all tweaks that can come their way, you as a player can make money.

You don’t need to spend much time evaluating eSports to understand where you want to focus your money. People who indulged in this type of betting are finding it hard to come back to regular bets and real sports. This is no wonder as once you start riding the wave; it is hard to stop. It would be best if you didn’t waste any time before jumping to explore all the available eSports to bet on.

Horse Racing


If you are from the United Kingdom, you can stop reading here. If you are not, then you need to hear about how popular this sport is on this island and in other parts of the world. It is a great sport to put your bets on. Some horse races are more popular than others, and we are talking about massive events such as the Epsom Derby. This is quite an event to be present at the track and watch it live. But, if you are not in the possibility to do so, you can always watch it on TV or a stream.

While initially only popular in the UK and the US, you can now bet on this sport in all parts of the world thanks to the Internet boom. The Grand National and Royal Ascot are now the races that are as popular as some on the F1 caravan or football El Classico or the famed Super Bowl. In most cases, you can put your bets fifteen minutes before the race, while somewhere, it can be moved to thirty minutes depending on the bookmaker. You can place your bets on the race winner, or mash it up a little and guess the order of horses, or who will come in last. The variety is massive, even if it doesn’t look so at first sight.



The final sport that we have been maximizing our profits on is that of basketball and specifically the NBA in the United States. With the coverage being massive, mainly in the US and parts of Europe, and with games coming thick and fast when the season is on (every two days), there is an unlimited amount of fun to have on the NBA due to it being all around us. The markets in that the NBA offers aren’t as broad as other sports; however, the Money Lines avenue is one of the most profitable markets on sports betting sites.

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