How To Stay Safe with Steam Sanitization During Covid-19

Stay protected from SARS Cov-2 coronavirus as well as any other similar viruses and bacteria by sanitizing your environment with a disinfectant steam cleaner.

They say that desperate times necessarily ask for desperate measures. We are unfortunately going through unprecedented times in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping through the world, putting millions of lives in danger in every country, the poor ones as the richest ones; the situation has never been as desperate before and so catastrophic.

Yet, its protective measures rely very much on personal and environmental hygiene, such as often wash your hands and face, maintain social distancing, keep your surrounding sanitized, wearing a mask, gloves and so on. While keeping yourself clean is pretty straightforward, sanitizing private or public spaces may sound like a daunting and difficult task.

Don’t worry, though! Thanks to the ingenious steam cleaning equipment found at, cleaning and sanitizing your environment are not as difficult as you would have thought at first. In fact, it’s as simple as using a vacuum cleaner, except these cleaners use steams to clean and sanitize the surfaces.

So they are really much more effective than any other sanitizer.

How Does Steam Cleaning Protect Against Covid-19?


Steam cleaners are cleaning devices that use high temperatures to turn waters into steams with some reaching up to 245 °F of heat; the particular and useful benefit of this system is that it produces a high temperature, low moisture vapor that carries only about 6 percent water. Moist heat destroys all microorganisms by transferring heat trough their cell wall, provoking an irreversible denaturation process of structural proteins and enzymes.

When sprayed on to the surface or in the environment, these heavily heated steam vapors eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, making the surfaces as sanitized and sanctified as they can get; for guaranteed major effectiveness, it is recommended to expose the surface to hot water vapor for at least 3 minutes, so that the required effect can be achieved. This system can eliminate almost every type of viruses and bacteria (here included E. Coli, Staph bacteria, Salmonella and other microorganisms), and it is also effective against bed bugs and dust mites; it also works against any flu viruses, and therefore, makes it a perfect tool to fight against SARS Cov-2 coronavirus.

Although it’s a very effective and valid technique, the sanitizing process requires a steam jet to be kept directly facing the surfaces in a 10 cm range. However, if you use a specialist disinfectant – also available as a complementary product on the above-mentioned site- you can easily clean much larger spaces within minutes and with excellent results.

Just mix the solvents with water, wait for it to turn into steams, and then spray it onto the air. The gravitational forces would do the rest, pulling them towards the surface, making both your environment and the surfaces clean of any viruses including COVID-19

There are quite a few different varieties of steam cleaners, differing mainly in terms of sizes, temperature, and capacity. However, although different,  they are all capable of disinfecting and sanitizing the surfaces and environments, without causing any damages to the furniture and equipment of the structure that is sanitized.

As it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals for people and gets dried up pretty quickly, there is no residual, harmful effect on health, which makes it safe for everyone, especially for the elderly and also for crawling children and pets; steam cleaners can be used in hypoallergenic environments, and the absence of cleaning chemicals results in better indoor air quality. Steam cleaners are already used for sanitization in hospitals, as they have been proved to be highly effective against superbugs and insects that have become resistant to other treatments.

So these are the best solution to take into consideration


All of these advantages make steam cleaners highly versatile equipment. They can be used on any type of large or small surfaces, including but not limited to offices, industrial and manufacturing plants, production facilities, hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants, public areas, private and public transports, etc.

At home, for example, steam cleaners can be used on almost any hard or soft surface, such as sealed flooring, worktops, countertops, toilet, and surrounding areas, stovetops, cooking surfaces, pet bedding, upholstery, and children’s toys; you will need some special attachments and accessories to complete certain tasks, like a window and tile cleaner, a floor cleaner, and a jet nozzle. However, there are some surfaces that are really too delicate to be cleaned with steam: laminate floors (that can swell), plastic, cold windows, unglazed tile, or tiles covered in water-based paint should be avoided.

As for where the dirt loosened and dissolved by the vapor goes, it depends on the specific device: it can be simultaneously absorbed in a terry cloth bag, in a sponge bag, and wiped away or rinsed using an absorbent cloth. Steam cleaners are also very easy to maneuver around, making them a perfect defense mechanism during these unprecedented circumstances and beyond.

They can be a product we could call a real ally


Perhaps, steam cleaners are a relatively new tool, but they are very convenient to use and provide maximum protection against Covid-19 and all other flu viruses. They are also good for the environment, making them a perfect investment for now and for the future.