Steps to Research the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Your health and well-being is the most important thing in the whole world. So if something happens to you, you need to have the right personal injury lawyer by your side to handle all the legal stuff for you. The problem arises when you take a look at the massive number of lawyers who practice this. Anyone can create a good-looking website. And anyone can film an ad for TV or radio, right? Who to trust then? Don’t worry as we’ll give you a few steps you can follow to thoroughly research a personal injury attorney!

5 Steps of the Research Process

It’s worth nothing that no matter if you’re looking for a lawyer that specializes in just one field like personal injuries or a general lawyer for accidents, these steps can still be implemented in both of these cases. Having said that, the road to hiring a lawyer who suits you best can be different from one individual to the other. However, the steps that are usually considered to be the main ones rarely change. You can execute some or all of them or even in a different order.

Select Your Criteria

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Like with everything, you must know what you like and what you expect from a personal injury attorney. Whereas the goal is to win the case and let justice prevail, the criteria for a hired lawyer often vary. For instance, you may want the lawyer to be there for you all the time and devote themselves fully to your case. Another criterion can be multiple years of experience with cases similar to yours. Having a valid license in your state as well as quality accreditation, qualification, and education is another thing you may want to look for.

List Potential Lawyers to Hire

Through recommendations, directories, search engines, and others you’ll get yourself some names. You can trust all of them or just a few or think some are more expensive than the rest. And that’s okay. The more diverse the group is, the better. That’s because if you go for ‘personal injury attorneys’, you’ll get plenty of choices.

Make a Shortlist of Candidates

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After that, it’s time for cutting the list. Go deeper into the research and choose only the names that you think you’ll hire. You can do that by analyzing their websites individually and ‘About us’ pages. Also, check the state bar association. Don’t forget the reviews, too!

Make the Calls

If a lawyer meets all of your criteria (or most) and if you have a positive gut feeling, then call them. Set up a meeting and find out any additional information you’re interested to find out. Usually, lawyers have numerous ways to contact them like phone, email, and so on, says and you shouldn’t hesitate.


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Finally, the research process ends with a meeting. If everything goes as planned and if you liked everything, you can sign a contract.

In Conclusion…

Have you done business with personal injury lawyers before? If yes, what was your research process? We’d like to read your opinion!