Can A Subway Gift Card Be A Good Gift Idea?

by Anite Allesis

If you’re running out of gift ideas, perhaps you’d like to give a Subway gift card instead? There are many reasons gift cards make great gifts to family, friends, and colleagues. This wallet-sized piece of plastic holds many benefits both for the giver and the recipient. If you’re not convinced yet, read on.

It’s What The Recipient Likes


There’s nothing more personal than giving someone a gift that you know they’ll use. In the case of a Subway gift card, it’s almost a no-brainer because it’s food. When you give a Subway gift card, it’s like saying, “Have a sandwich on me!”. Subway is known for having the best-tasting sandwiches you can have even on-the-go. Anyone you know who works shifts as an essential worker—or perhaps you have a friend who gets to go on a road trip—a Subway gift card can be used anytime and at any branch!

Reloadable Without Expiration

Gift cards from sites like allow for perks that users can appreciate. You only need to load the card enough to buy, at least, a sandwich or two. Plus, your recipient won’t have to worry about balance expiration because it’s for life. Your recipient can save it, and use the card on a rainy day. There are no fees or extra charges when paying for their meal. They’ll only use up the product price.

As Support For Your Favorite Restaurant


Times are tough because of the pandemic, and businesses are closing left and right. Buying Subway gift cards as a treat for your favorite people is also a way to support your local Subway branch. Whether your recipient wants to use it right away or save it for a later date, it still guarantees cash flow to your nearest Subway shop. It helps employees keep their jobs, someone’s livelihood that took years to build stays thriving, and delicious sandwiches get to stay for people to enjoy a bit longer.

Saves Time

Shopping for a Subway gift card is quick, and the card is readily available even on the day of the celebration. You don’t have to spend hours outside looking for a gift that you’re not sure someone will like. Subway sandwiches are also affordable, and you’re sure that anyone will use the card for a delicious and satisfying meal. Anyone who appreciates a good sandwich will appreciate your gift.

Brand Awareness


On the side of the restaurant, it’s a great marketing strategy to promote products and services. Despite the pandemic, anyone with a Subway gift card will remember it and head over to the restaurant to enjoy a good sandwich. It’s also a great way to treat someone who also likes Subway sandwiches. Users of the gift card may also enjoy promos and discounts either for the purchase of a meal or for gift cards.

The Gift Of Experience

Do you know anyone who has never been to a Subway sandwich shop before? It’s a great opportunity to introduce Subway to friends and colleagues who have never once tasted Subway treats. There are many types of sandwiches to choose from. Anyone who enjoys a foot-long subway might enjoy what the shop has to offer.

Bond Over Your Favorite Sandwich Shop


If you’ve purchased a Subway gift card, chances are, you’re a loyal customer yourself. Share your love for a Subway sandwich with your favorite people so that they’ll know about Subway’s best products. Share a meal after school or work, bond over the weekend, or treat someone you know to a meal as you have a great time together any time of the week.

Price Options

Gift cards are readily available from $20 to $100. That means you can give a Subway gift card at the price you can afford and still treat someone to a meal. Subway prices are affordable, and even a $20 gift card can go a long way for someone who wants to save money, whether the giver or recipient. You can purchase the cards online, and use them at participating branches.

Use With The Subway App


Your recipient can use the Subway gift card to order food from the Subway app. It’s easy to do. Just register the gift card to the app. The gift card doubles as a reward card wherein users can store points for redeeming rewards later on. It’s a perfect gift for any age, especially for students and employees who can greatly benefit from a free meal.

Use As A Reward

Is someone at work celebrating a milestone? Gifting an employee with a Subway gift card makes a great way to show appreciation for his hard work. Rewarding employees with food or the opportunity to buy food is economically helpful, and it also shows that you understand their need to save. You gain a loyal employee who will love the company culture a little bit more.

Order For Delivery


You can purchase Subway gift cards online. That means you can safely buy them while staying safe inside your home. At the same time, you can also have them delivered to the people you want to give them to. Gift cards make great gifts to a boyfriend who loves Subway sandwiches on any occasion. Perhaps you have a hard-working friend who loves sandwiches. You can send them gift cards as a way to show you care.

Your recipients may not get to see you personally, but they’ll still get your gift which they can make use of any time. Some online merchants allow the giver to link a video message and make it even more personal since as need to stay home nowadays. You can even have the card sent on the date you prefer, like on your recipient’s birthday.

In Conclusion

Many consumers today prefer gift cards to their favorite shops because they like the brand, and it’s something that they can greatly benefit from. It’s also beneficial to the giver as it’s almost always available as long as supplies last. Subway sandwiches are well-loved products that people enjoy and will not waste. Purchasing gift cards is also a way to help the restaurant stay open during the pandemic.

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