Top 5 Best Summer Camp Events for Kids in Bengaluru

The education system and its curriculum have caused stress and pressure on kids. During exams due to peer pressure, pressure from parents as well the pressure of performance leads to non-repairable damage to the kid. Hence it becomes immensely important for kids to indulge in co-curriculum activities to deal with the stress and pressure and live a healthy life. As stated by Christopher Dodd “our nation’s children are our greatest assets and our most precious treasure” its sole responsibility of every citizen to secure this treasure for a bright and wonderful future.

This is the month of the year when exams are either going on or about to end and this is the best time for every possible child to enroll in a co-curricular activity. There are plenty of options for summer camps which are held every year in some cities of the country. Bengaluru is one of those cities which have successfully hosted several summer camps in a different field. Art and culture is the field which has a totally different language and reaches the heart of every person. Apart from its diverse and tremendous creative nature, it also helps to overcome stress not only in children but also in adults.

With the aim of encouraging kids and strengthening the pillar of the country in the most creative way, here are some summer camps in Bangalore to look forward this summer vacation:-

Meeraqi studio: – Activities including dance, yoga, arts and crafts and music are arena which is focussed at this camp. The camp usually starts in the beginning of April each year and is located in Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

Konsult art: – Activities such as baking, painting, fashion sketching, pottery, and clay work are taught and these are usually a short period camp. Consult art and design academy is located in east Bengaluru and offers flexible dates for enrollment in the program.

Sahasraa-Az: – Music and drama is the area focussed in this camp. Kids enrolled in the program are given exposure to the theatre and various musical skills. It is located at 15th Main Road, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bengaluru.

The outback experience: – Kids are exposed to activities such as photography and art& It is located in the Outback Farm and stays, South Bengaluru. 

Mud effects: – Kids are exposed to an article making from mud and clay and enhance their creativity. It is located on Whitefield Main Road, Bengaluru.

Apart from the above, there are several more options, like visiting, a music studio. The aim is to help kids release their stress and enjoy these camps. It is important for parents to understand the needs of children and should help them in dealing with the stress. Though these camps are paid and are accessible to only a few sections of the society, it would be appreciative if our education system starts such initiative and make it compulsory for all the kids irrespective of their class and financial status.