Swara Bhaskar- “Patriarchy pressure not just on women”

The gorgeous and talented actress Swara Bhaskar recently appeared on Kareena Kapoor Khan’s show “What Women Want”. The topic of the show for this particular episode was ‘Patriarchy and women’. These two happening ladies talked about the crucial aspects of the society like patriarchy and feminism.

Swara Bhaskar on being an opinionated woman in today’s times

On asked about how difficult it was to be an opinionated woman in today’s times Swara said that it was the easiest thing currently. Being opinionated and vocal about one’s opinions are considered as a good thing and often as a sign of strength. She also added that having an opinion gives the audience an opportunity to counter-question you, asking you to defend your statement, which sometimes could get messy.

Swara Bhaskar and Kareena Kapoor had worked in the 2018 movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ which was a female buddy comedy flick. Veere Di Wedding turned out to be a pretty successful movie which focused on the female lead. Swara’s masturbation scene using a vibrator in this movie got a lot of appreciation for portraying the reality of women’s sexuality.

Swara Bhaskar on solutions to the Deep seeded Patriarchy

Swara said that there was no quick fix to the deep seeded patriarchy that is prevalent in the society. She continued that patriarchy has been in the society since the beginning of times and that is how the humans have evolved. 

She also added that all the fights like the ones against racism, class inequality, freedom fight in India, the enemy was someone identifiable and from outside. She continued that the fight of feminism is tougher since the people the feminists should fight are the ones they love the most- be it brother, father, boyfriend and even husband.

Later, she explains that the patriarchy doesn’t just add pressures on women but men as well. Sharing her personal experience, Swara said that she never had to think about building a family home but her brother had brought this pressure upon himself since he was just 15 years old.

Swara Being the Producer

The 30 years old actress recently turned producer in January 2019 after she launched her first production house ‘Kahaaniwaaley’ along with her brother Ishan.

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