Anemia During Pregnancy Signs, Risks and Treatment

Known as a medical condition in which healthy red cells are lacking and therefore there isn’t sufficient oxygen being brought to the tissues in the body. Anemia isn’t something to be taken lightly, especially during pregnancy, because when the tissues aren’t receiving the necessary amount of oxygen then, several body functions and organs won’t work …

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Vitamin A Deficiency Signs, Symptoms And Effects

Vitamin A Deficiency

A fat-soluble substance that is stored in the liver and it is a powerful anti-oxidant; Vitamin A plays an important role in the human body. The first vitamin to be discovered, therefore its given name, this substance exerts an important role in the organism in: the prevention of anemia, fortifying the immune system, developing organs …

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Iron Deficiency Signs, Symptoms and Effects, Iron Deficiency Causes Heart Disease, Anemia, Anxiety and Hair Loss

Iron Deficiency

Iron is primordial in the production of hemoglobin, which helps red blood cells to transport oxygen through the organism. So lacking of this substance affects everything in the human body and can originate anemia. Nevertheless, iron taking has been taken for granted for most people; especially observe in a bigger degree in women. The following …

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