Lower Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

Lower Back Pain is considered a universal experience shared by all humans of Planet Earth because at some point or another we all have suffered. The lower back begins right underneath the ribcage and it is called the Lumbar Region. The pain experience in this region is particularly intense and it is considered to be …

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Vitamin D Deficiency -Signs, Symptoms, Risks, Lack Of Vitamin D Can Cause Back Pain, Depression and Heart Disease

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is an extremely important with truly powerful effects in the human body. Its primary function is giving enough nutrients for strong bones to the organism. Different than other vitamins, vitamin D functions more like a hormone with a receptor for it in every single cell of the organism. The main production of this …

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4 Simple Stretches For Lower Back Pain Relief

back pain yoga exercise

The lower back or the lumbar spine is a strikingly well-devised structure consisting of several bones that are interconnect with one another and also connect to various other ligaments, muscles, and nerves. All these parts come together to provide support and flexibility. Despite their efficient design, this complex structure can also be susceptible to pain …

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